• Source: Bloodroot Forge
  • Style: Bloodforge
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Adds 804 Weapon Critical
    • (3 Items) Adds 124 Weapon Damage
    • (4 Items) Adds 804 Weapon Critical
    • (5 Items) Increases the damage you deal with bleed damage over time effects by 20%.

Blooddrinker - Female Close FrontBlooddrinker - Female Close BackBlooddrinker - Female Close SideBlooddrinker - Female FrontBlooddrinker - Female BackBlooddrinker - Female Side

Blooddrinker - Male Close FrontBlooddrinker - Male Close BackBlooddrinker - Male Close SideBlooddrinker - Male FrontBlooddrinker - Male BackBlooddrinker - Male Side

Bloodroot Rubedite Axe 2Bloodroot Rubedite Axe

Bloodroot Rubedite Battle Axe 2Bloodroot Rubedite Battle Axe

Bloodroot Rubedite Dagger 2Bloodroot Rubedite Dagger

Bloodroot Rubedite Greatsword 2Bloodroot Rubedite Greatsword

Bloodroot Rubedite Mace 2Bloodroot Rubedite Mace

Bloodroot Rubedite Maul 2Bloodroot Rubedite Maul

Bloodroot Rubedite Sword 2Bloodroot Rubedite Sword

Bloodroot Ruby Ash Bow 2Bloodroot Ruby Ash Bow

Bloodroot Ruby Ash Shield 2Bloodroot Ruby Ash Shield

Bloodroot Ruby Ash Staff 2Bloodroot Ruby Ash Staff