• Source:
    • Helm: Drops from “Vorenor Winterbourne” in Veteran Spindleclutch
    • Shoulders: Maj al-Ragath’s chest
    • Weapons: Crowns Store (Outift Designer only)
  • Bonus:
    • (1 items) Stamina Recovery
    • (2 items) 6% chance when hit to gain 6450 Armor and Spell Resist for 6.0 seconds and restore 15 Ultimate.

Blood Spawn - Female FrontBlood Spawn - Female BackBlood Spawn - Female Side

Blood Spawn - Male FrontBlood Spawn - Male BackBlood Spawn - Male Side

Blood Spawn - Argonian Male FrontBlood Spawn - Argonian Male RearBlood Spawn - Argonian Male RightBlood Spawn - Argonian Male Side

Blood Spawn - Khajiit Female FrontBlood Spawn - Khajiit Female RearBlood Spawn - Khajiit Female RightBlood Spawn - Khajiit Female Side

Individual Pieces

Blood Spawn Visage - Female FrontBlood Spawn Visage - Female RearBlood Spawn Visage - Female RightBlood Spawn Visage - Female Side

Blood Spawn Visage - Male FrontBlood Spawn Visage - Male RearBlood Spawn Visage - Male RightBlood Spawn Visage - Male Side

Blood Spawn Visage - Female SideBlood Spawn Visage - Male FrontBlood Spawn Visage - Male Rear

Blood Spawn Pauldrons - Female FrontBlood Spawn Pauldrons - Female RearBlood Spawn Pauldrons - Female Right

Blood Spawn Pauldrons - Male FrontBlood Spawn Pauldrons - Male RearBlood Spawn Pauldrons - Male Right


Recipe Reaper Red, Battaglir Green, Shrike Blue

Blood Spawn - Dyed FrontBlood Spawn - Dyed RearBlood Spawn - Dyed Side


Bloodspawn Battle Axe 1Bloodspawn Battle Axe 2Bloodspawn Bow 1Bloodspawn Bow 2Bloodspawn Mace 1Bloodspawn Mace 2Bloodspawn Shield 1Bloodspawn Shield 2Bloodspawn Staff 1Bloodspawn Staff 2