Blood-Drained Thrall

  • Source: New Moon Crown Crate – Legendary
  • Cost: 100 Crown Gems
  • Are you the thrall of a vampire? Would you like to show the truth of that to the world? Now you can!

Blood-Drained Thrall - Female FrontBlood-Drained Thrall - Female RearBlood-Drained Thrall - Female RightBlood-Drained Thrall - Female SideBlood-Drained Thrall - Male FrontBlood-Drained Thrall - Male RearBlood-Drained Thrall - Male RightBlood-Drained Thrall - Male Side

Blood-Drained Thrall - Argonian Male FrontBlood-Drained Thrall - Argonian Male RearBlood-Drained Thrall - Argonian Male RightBlood-Drained Thrall - Argonian Male SideBlood-Drained Thrall - Khajiit Female FrontBlood-Drained Thrall - Khajiit Female RearBlood-Drained Thrall - Khajiit Female RightBlood-Drained Thrall - Khajiit Female Side