• Character: Blonde Salad of EU
  • Submitted by: Christine
  • Merciless pvp sorcerer. Her beauty is a trap to make just dust of you.

    Piece Name Quality Source Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
    Head Pact dragonclaw circlet Normal (White) crown store
    Shoulders apostle Epic (Purple) craftable Transliminal Violet Daedric Red
    Chest apostle Epic (Purple) Craftable Moonstone White Transliminal Violet Daedric Red
    Hands apostle Epic (Purple) craftable Transliminal Violet Moonstone White
    Waist apostle craftable Daedric Red
    Legs apostle Epic (Purple) craftable Moonstone White Transliminal Violet
    Feet militant ordinator Epic (Purple) craftable Transliminal Violet Transliminal Violet Moonstone White
    Weapon apostle inferno staff Epic (Purple) craftable
    Offhand glass restoration staff Epic (Purple) craftable