Blackmarrow Necro-Turban

  • Source: Baandari Pedlar Crown Crate – Superior
  • Cost: 16 Crown Gems
  • Raise the dead in style in your Blackmarrow Necro-Turban, featuring a sinister upper-face half-visor and twin metallo-antlers. Pairs well with zombie mounts and the Fang Lair crafting style.

Blackmarrow Necro-Turban - Female FrontBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Female RearBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Female RightBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Female Side

Blackmarrow Necro-Turban - Male FrontBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Male RearBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Male RightBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Male Side

Blackmarrow Necro-Turban - Argonian Male FrontBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Argonian Male RearBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Argonian Male RightBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Argonian Male Side

Blackmarrow Necro-Turban - Khajiit Female FrontBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Khajiit Female RearBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Khajiit Female RightBlackmarrow Necro-Turban - Khajiit Female Side