Balak A'Daragon [NA]

  • Character: Balak A'Daragon of NA
  • Submitted by: z3r05k111
  • My first character on ESO. Master crafter, thief, assassin. Inspired by my characters from previous elder scrolls game (I always rolled a Dunmer thief/assassin/vampire).

    During initial creation had white dreadlocks and a goatee, but that looked kind of silly with vampirism. Upon re-rolling his aesthetics I decided to go full-on Nosferatu.

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadOutlaw HelmetThalmor BlackEpic VioletThalmor Black
    ShouldersAssassins League Arm CopsEpic VioletThalmor BlackPolished Steel Gray
    ChestAssassins League JackColdharbour Ash BlackSoul Shriven GrayPolished Steel Gray
    HandsAssassins League BracersEpic VioletColdharbour Ash BlackPolished Steel Gray
    WaistDark Elf Sash 4Polished Steel GrayEpic Violet
    LegsThieves Guild GuardEpic VioletColdharbour Ash BlackPolished Steel Gray
    FeetDark Brotherhood ShoesColdharbour Ash BlackWayrest Royal PurplePolished Steel Gray
    WeaponDark Elf Sword 4 (2)Polished Steel GrayColdharbour Ash BlackNightshade Purple
    OffhandOutlaw Bow 3Coldharbour Ash BlackPolished Steel GrayEpic Violet