Austere Warden Outfit

  • Source: Morrowind Discovery Pack
  • This leather outfit is the chosen attire of Wardens, warriors whose powers come from Y’ffre’s blessing. These master story tellers weave tales which come to life, creating plants, animals, and the elements of nature to aid them in battle.

Austere Warden - Female Close FrontAustere Warden - Female Close BackAustere Warden - Female Close SideAustere Warden - Female FrontAustere Warden - Female BackAustere Warden - Female Side

Austere Warden - Male Close FrontAustere Warden - Male Close BackAustere Warden - Male Close SideAustere Warden - Male FrontAustere Warden - Male BackAustere Warden - Male Side

Austere Warden - Argonian Male Close FrontAustere Warden - Argonian Male Close RearAustere Warden - Argonian Male Close SideAustere Warden - Argonian Male FrontAustere Warden - Argonian Male RearAustere Warden - Argonian Male Side

Austere Warden - Khajiit Female Close FrontAustere Warden - Khajiit Female Close RearAustere Warden - Khajiit Female Close SideAustere Warden - Khajiit Female FrontAustere Warden - Khajiit Female RearAustere Warden - Khajiit Female Side


Ransacker Blue, Forge Ember Red, Provisioner’s Brown

Austere Warden Dyed Close FrontAustere Warden Dyed Close BackAustere Warden Dyed Close SideAustere Warden Dyed FrontAustere Warden Dyed BackAustere Warden Dyed Side