Auroran Knight

  • Source: Crown Store
  • Cost:
    • 2,000 Crowns
    • 1,600 Crowns (ESO+)
  • Aurorans are idealized humanoid Daedra mainly in the service of Meridia, the Lady of Infinite Energies. Their armor usually appears golden in tone, but since they come from the Colored Rooms, they could be of any hue.

Auroran Knight Female Close FrontAuroran Knight Female Close RearAuroran Knight Female Close SideAuroran Knight Female FrontAuroran Knight Female RearAuroran Knight Female Side

Auroran Knight Male Close FrontAuroran Knight Male Close RearAuroran Knight Male Close SideAuroran Knight Male FrontAuroran Knight Male RearAuroran Knight Male Side

Auroran Knight Argonian Male Close FrontAuroran Knight Argonian Male Close RearAuroran Knight Argonian Male Close SieAuroran Knight Argonian Male FrontAuroran Knight Argonian Male RearAuroran Knight Argonian Male Side

Auroran Knight Khajiit Female Close FrontAuroran Knight Khajiit Female Close RearAuroran Knight Khajiit Female Close SideAuroran Knight Khajiit Female FrontAuroran Knight Khajiit Female RearAuroran Knight Khajiit Female Side


Ransacker Blue, Forge Ember Red, Battaglir Green

Auroran Knight Dyed Close FrontAuroran Knight Dyed Close RearAuroran Knight Dyed Close SideAuroran Knight Dyed FrontAuroran Knight Dyed RearAuroran Knight Dyed Side