ESO Fashion


  1. Abrixa
    17 October 2017 @ 1942

    Which Style is the trouser, please? It couldn’t be Ashlander — the last one is beautiful for a Woodelf, i think — nice colors! 😀


    • Exiled Messenger
      17 October 2017 @ 1957

      It’s a costume.


      • Anonymous
        19 October 2017 @ 1457

        The pants are actually an obtainable item, red mountain set. Same goes for the rest of the costume, they’re retro ashlander, before it was a motif. The only other item that exists like this is a thing called hood of (the?) voidguide, an old anchor drop item that isn’t obtainable anymore unless you trade it off someone who hasn’t equipped it, as well as a few “ashlander” weapons, i believe. The hood is seen in the robe outfits, the mask that drops over the whole face and such


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