As'danir Academy [EU]

  • Ebonheart Chateau: As'danir Academy [EU]
  • Submitted by: Erissime

A place for all dunmers thirsty for knowledge to come and enhance their abilities. With a Telvanni mage as a headmaster, the academy looks beyond the common rules of the land, focusing on improving capable minds and fundamenting those precious dunmeri valours, regardless of their house. Or as its headmaster put it better (in one of his famous speeches) – "So… to all of you, all of the As' Danir Academy associates, the old ones and the new ones! You are not here to just show off your abilities.. you are not here to simply enrich your knowledge.. the main reason you are here today, is.. because you need to understand your abilities! And not fall into the poisonous traps set by pride and vanity!".