ESO Fashion


  1. ScottyKM
    9 August 2017 @ 1940

    Love it!


    • Pyronico
      12 August 2017 @ 0933

      Thanks 🙂 its practical for just doing dungeons too! julianos + torug swords + assassin helm and shoulder (swapping out for monster sets). Only hoping that the transmog makes me able to change my ugly monster helms and shoulders to this one 🙂


  2. Eisotopius
    10 August 2017 @ 2157

    If only the helmet totally filled in that little neck gap. Or if the chest filled it in. Or if that were filled in in general.


    • Pyronico
      12 August 2017 @ 0928

      yeah, it’s a shame. The only thing that would work for now is playing a darkelf or any race with really dark skin or put a dark custom skin on like domathra.


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