Arena Gladiator

  • Source: PvP Daily Quests
  • Cost: Once you have collected 50 Gladiator’s Proofs from the Daily Quest rewards, you can purchase a Gladiator’s Recognition from the War Researcher vendor and use it to combine your proofs into a tradeable runebox that contains the fearsome Arena Gladiator costume
  • Tamriel’s prestigious and popular Arena Gladiators have an intimidating look all their own.

Arena Gladiator - Female Close FrontArena Gladiator - Female Close RearArena Gladiator - Female Close SideArena Gladiator - Female FrontArena Gladiator - Female RearArena Gladiator - Female Side

Arena Gladiator - Male Close FrontArena Gladiator - Male Close RearArena Gladiator - Male Close SideArena Gladiator - Male FrontArena Gladiator - Male RearArena Gladiator - Male Side

Arena Gladiator - Argonian Male Close FrontArena Gladiator - Argonian Male Close RearArena Gladiator - Argonian Male Close SideArena Gladiator - Argonian Male FrontArena Gladiator - Argonian Male RearArena Gladiator - Argonian Male Side

Arena Gladiator - Khajiit Female Close FrontArena Gladiator - Khajiit Female Close RearArena Gladiator - Khajiit Female Close SideArena Gladiator - Khajiit Female FrontArena Gladiator - Khajiit Female RearArena Gladiator - Khajiit Female Side


Shrike Blue, Battaglir Green, Amethyst Violet

Arena Gladiator - Dyed Close FrontArena Gladiator - Dyed Close RearArena Gladiator - Dyed Close SideArena Gladiator - Dyed FrontArena Gladiator - Dyed RearArena Gladiator - Dyed Side