Ardhenn Slemmer – EU


Character – Ardhenn Slemmer – EU – Dragonknight

Submitted by – ardhenn




PieceMotifNameQualityLevelPrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadImperialdwarven imperial helmetEpic (Purple)42Expert GrayExpert GrayChampion Red
ShouldersImperialdwarven inperial shouldersEpic (Purple)42Expert GrayExpert GraySoul Shriven Gray
ChestNonerobe of the necromancerFine (Green)36Pact Vanquisher BrownPact Vanquisher BrownExpert Gray
HandsImperialimperial drawven gauntletsEpic (Purple)42Expert GrayPact Vanquisher BrownPact Vanquisher Brown
WaistImperialimperial dwarven waistEpic (Purple)42Expert GrayExpert GrayExpert Gray
LegsImperialdwarven imperial ;egsEpic (Purple)42Expert GraySoul Shriven GrayPact Vanquisher Brown
FeetImperialimperial dwarven feetsEpic (Purple)42Expert GraySoul Shriven GrayPact Vanquisher Brown
WeaponNoneEpic (Purple)40
OffhandNonedont know the motif sorryEpic (Purple)40

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: crafthing station
  • Shoulders: crafthing station
  • Chest: guild stores or loot
  • Hands: crafthing station
  • Waist: crafthing station
  • Legs: crafthing station
  • Feet: crafthing station
  • Weapon: dunngeon
  • Offhand: guild trader or crafthing station


pretty cool what i would say.