Arctic Rime

  • Source: Dragonscale Crown Crate – Epic
  • Cost: 40 Crown Gems
  • “I found the shipwreck locked in ice. The crew were all frozen and frostbitten, and I thought they were dead … until they rose, frost-crusted and icy, and picked up their weapons.” —Aelfrydda of Dawnstar

Arctic Rime Female FrontArctic Rime Female RearArctic Rime Female RightArctic Rime Female SideArctic Rime Male FrontArctic Rime Male RearArctic Rime Male RightArctic Rime Male Side

Arctic Rime Argonian Male FrontArctic Rime Argonian Male RearArctic Rime Argonian Male RightArctic Rime Argonian Male SideArctic Rime Khajiit Female FrontArctic Rime Khajiit Female RearArctic Rime Khajiit Female RightArctic Rime Khajiit Female Side