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ESO Fashion


  1. Lil Moss
    5 June 2014 @ 1041

    hey MIss Dulfy, can you show epic and legendary look of this set? I’m dying to see if it will turn into pure gold like hood! so amazing!


    • jp_antill
      7 June 2014 @ 1202

      Well I had Legendary VR10 hood & robe post-patch and it was not that nice. Seemed to be mainly dark blue with a sort or red tint from different angles. Not pure gold for sure although maybe VR12 is different.


      • Lil Moss
        9 June 2014 @ 0925

        yes I hope that new vr12 is better. I hope that they will put it here soon. maybe it will turn completely gold awesome o_O


  2. AbsolutGrndZer0
    10 October 2015 @ 2001

    I hate how the low level armors are revealing and the high level ones are not. Could also be seen as vice versa. If you don’t like revealing armor, you’re stuck with it until higher levels. If you do like revealing armor… well, don’t level up.


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