ESO Fashion


  1. Brendan
    5 June 2014 @ 1801

    I crafted this and its brown not blue.. why would that be?


    • Exiled Messenger
      5 June 2014 @ 1813

      What level and quality did you craft?


    • vixenVIPER
      6 June 2014 @ 2008

      The reason for this is because the developers made lower lvl gear look worse, so that we can look at higher lvl stuff and go WOOOW.

      A lot of armour changed colour and became less “fancy”-looking.


      • Guest
        7 June 2014 @ 0901

        I would like to point out that they changed upper-level gear, too, not just lower-level gear… I think a lot of the (new) veteran gear looks worse now too, or at least disappointing. It looks like they haven’t fixed everything yet (calcinium bosmer?), either.

        I think Brendan’s referring to the post-patch level 46 version submitted by Memzer, so they should match unless the level or quality Brendan crafted is different. I’d like to see how the set came out.


        • Guest
          7 June 2014 @ 0902



        • Mezmer
          7 June 2014 @ 1321

          I submitted a normal and fine quality version of the level 48 set just a few minutes ago. As soon as Exile is able to post the update you’ll be able to see the difference 🙂

          Ask and you shall receive (as long as I have the mats anyway)!


          • Exiled Messenger
            7 June 2014 @ 1324

            Sorry, it’ll be Monday before I can post. I’m working off cellular network on my iPad right now and just can’t manage posting images that way. 🙁

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