Alexandra Valentinus [NA]

    • Character: Alexandra Valentinus of NA
    • Submitted by: RedwoodInferno

Inspired by Roman Legionaries, I took various pieces and combined them to create this for my Imperial Legionnaire.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
ShouldersImperial Heavy 4Legendary (Gold)Rank 5 MaterialsRank 5 MaterialsRank 10 Materials
ChestSilver Dawn HeavyLegendary (Gold)Rank 5 MaterialsRank 10 MaterialsJulianos White
HandsRedguard Gauntlets 1Legendary (Gold)Rank 5 MaterialsRank 5 MaterialsRank 10 Materials
WaistFiredrake GirdleLegendary (Gold)Rank 10 MaterialsRank 5 Materials
LegsMazzatun LightLegendary (Gold)Rank 10 MaterialsJulianos White
FeetMinotaur HeavyLegendary (Gold)Rank 5 MaterialsRank 10 MaterialsThalmor Black
WeaponOrder Hour DaggerLegendary (Gold)Adamantine SilverBloodroot WineRank 10 Materials
OffhandOrder Hour ShieldLegendary (Gold)Rank 10 MaterialsBloodroot WineJulianos White

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleLeftside Bun Twist
Head MarkingCrimson Flame Lipstick
Facial HairDark Emphasis Eyelashes
Major AdornmentMidyear Victor’s Laurel Wreath
Minor AdornmentEar Lobe Stinger
Body MarkingGolden Wraparound Wyrm
MountFlame Atronach Wolf
Non-Combat PetUnholy Glow Bone Dragon