Aemilana Rosenix [NA]

  • Character: Aemilana Rosenix of NA
  • Submitted by: XiokroDarc

A tank working for the aldmeri dominion, with a thalmor-isk theming to it.
This is my first attempt at an outfit design for my main. And due to the toon not only being in the AD but also being my favourite faction, i themed the tank outfit around the faction. This outfit is designed to be a tank like look and not a skimpy flesh showing outfit. Hope you guys enjoy


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadSapiarch HelmThalmor BlackSoul Shriven Pale
ShouldersGlass PauldronsSoul Shriven PaleSoul Shriven PaleThalmor Black
ChestAldmeri JackThalmor BlackSoul Shriven PaleThalmor Black
HandsGlass GauntletsSoul Shriven PaleSoul Shriven PaleThalmor Black
WaistGlass GirdleSoul Shriven PaleSoul Shriven Pale
LegsGlass GuardsSoul Shriven PaleThalmor BlackThalmor Black
FeetGlass SabatonsSoul Shriven PaleSoul Shriven PaleThalmor Black

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleDominion War-Locks
Head MarkingFridged Impact Face Marking
Facial HairWinter Princess Glamour
Major Adornment
Minor AdornmentLegendary Dragon Piercing
Body Marking
SkinMaormer Fish
Non-Combat Pet