Character – Aegon Abrasax – NA – Sorcerer

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Piece Motif Name Quality Level Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
Head Dwemer Ancestor Silk Hood Epic (Purple) v15
Shoulders Please choose racial motif Molag Kena Epic (Purple) v15
Chest Dwemer Ancestor Silk Robe Epic (Purple) v15
Hands Dwemer Ancestor Silk Gloves Epic (Purple) v15
Waist Dwemer Rubedite Belt Epic (Purple) v15
Legs Dwemer Ancestor Silk Breeches Epic (Purple) v15
Feet Dwemer Ancestor Silk Shoes Epic (Purple) v15
Weapon Dwemer Red Ruby Ash Fire Staff Of Julianos Legendary (Gold) v16
Offhand Please choose racial motif Superior (Blue)

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Crafted
  • Shoulders: Undaunted Gold Chest
  • Chest: Crafted
  • Hands: Crafted
  • Waist: Crafted
  • Legs: Crafted
  • Feet: Crafted
  • Weapon: Crafted
  • Offhand: