Adori [NA]

  • Character: Adori of NA
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So… this is my first post here, so forgive me if i did somethin' worng.

The outfit was heavily inspired ond Diablo's (2 and 3) Necromancer class. It is mostly made of Dragon Bone parts and a little bit of Dark Brotherhood, just for the flair.

There's no need to be any race specific, i think it'll look good on any race. You also don't need to be a vampire, tho… only if you wanna look like a pale-sick covid19 filled guy.

Well, hope you guys like it!


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadBreton Hat 1Coldharbour Ash BlackObsidian BlackColdharbour Ash Black
ShouldersDragon Bone Arm CopsLyncanthrope Gray
ChestDragon Bone CuirassLyncanthrope GrayColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash Black
HandsDragon Bone BracersLyncanthrope Gray
WaistDragon Bone SashObsidian Black
LegsDark Brotherhood GuardsThalmor BlackColdharbour Ash Black
FeetDragon Bone BootsLyncanthrope Gray
WeaponDragon Bone GreatswordVolunteer’s IronSoul Shriven GrayRed Diamond Red

Appearance and Companions:

Hair Style
Head Marking
Facial Hair
Major Adornment
Minor Adornment
Body Marking
PersonalityTelvani Magister
Non-Combat Pet