ESO Fashion


  1. Daniel Judas
    2 January 2016 @ 0352

    Is it really fashion if you just made whole set with one style ? i get it, it may be about colors, but anyways, its not something new whatsoever


    • Joy Butterworth
      2 January 2016 @ 1448

      I appreciate the input, but no need to be snarky about it. Nothing wrong with liking a style. The others didn’t seem to mesh well. Plenty of people here submit just to show off the dyes.


      • Daniel Judas
        3 January 2016 @ 1332

        nah, sorry, did not mean to be rude. I know many others have one-style sets submitted. I just happen to visit the site a lot and it fell on you to release the shot. Anyways, its good to see light armor user with actual pants rather than robe 😛 too many mages rushin’ in dresses


        • Joy Butterworth
          3 January 2016 @ 1855

          Haha, glad you mentioned that. One thing I was firm about when I made this character was no robe. She’s only VR2 and I’ve been unlocking more dyes so her outfit will probably change a bit, especially if I go find any dropped sets I like for end-game. It’ll be interesting to see her finalized look.


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