A dunmer vampire’s Mournhold respite [EU]

  • Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret: A dunmer vampire’s Mournhold respite [EU]
  • Submitted by: Shammy

The goal of this concept was to offer my dunmer vampire a customized inn room / a rented apartment in Mournhold. A basic room in Flaming Nix that she’d have had customized to suit her needs for when she would occasionally stop by at the city. Though of course only for her private use only, and perhaps her very few closest acquaintances.

I started by designing a rather basic layout for an inn room that could be rented out, and then I proceeded to modify the layout to suit my character’s needs. The windows have been covered with boards and there’s a cozy stone coffin for my character there that might require some illusion magic in order to be concealed in case someone was to visit the room, but there’s also some traveling gear near the coffin and near the door: some items for visiting the Mournhold market, as well as some weapons and tools for more macabre tasks.

Of course there’s also some literature and a well equipped work desk for the dull nights.