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  • Motif: Racial Motif: Tsaesci
    • Location: Not yet available, can only preview in Outfit Designer
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    • Location:
  • Game Update:

Tsaesci Light - Female Robe FrontTsaesci Light - Female Robe RearTsaesci Light - Female Robe RightTsaesci Light - Female Robe Side

Tsaesci Light - Female Shirt FrontTsaesci Light - Female Shirt RearTsaesci Light - Female Shirt RightTsaesci Light - Female Shirt Side

Tsaesci Light - Male Robe FrontTsaesci Light - Male Robe RearTsaesci Light - Male Robe RightTsaesci Light - Male Robe Side

Tsaesci Light - Male Shirt FrontTsaesci Light - Male Shirt RearTsaesci Light - Male Shirt RightTsaesci Light - Male Shirt Side

Tsaesci Medium - Female FrontTsaesci Medium - Female RearTsaesci Medium - Female RightTsaesci Medium - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium - Male FrontTsaesci Medium - Male RearTsaesci Medium - Male RightTsaesci Medium - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy - Female RearTsaesci Heavy - Female RightTsaesci Heavy - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy - Male RearTsaesci Heavy - Male RightTsaesci Heavy - Male Side


Amethyst Violet, Recipe Reaper Red, Motif Pattern Blue

Tsaesci Light - Dyed Robe FrontTsaesci Light - Dyed Robe RearTsaesci Light - Dyed Robe Side

Tsaesci Light - Dyed Shirt FrontTsaesci Light - Dyed Shirt RearTsaesci Light - Dyed Shirt Side

Tsaesci Medium - Dyed FrontTsaesci Medium - Dyed RearTsaesci Medium - Dyed Side

Tsaesci Heavy - Dyed FrontTsaesci Heavy - Dyed RearTsaesci Heavy - Dyed Side

Individual Pieces

Tsaesci Light Hat - Female FrontTsaesci Light Hat - Female RearTsaesci Light Hat - Female RightTsaesci Light Hat - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Hat - Male FrontTsaesci Light Hat - Male RearTsaesci Light Hat - Male RightTsaesci Light Hat - Male Side

Tsaesci Light Epaulets - Female FrontTsaesci Light Epaulets - Female RearTsaesci Light Epaulets - Female RightTsaesci Light Epaulets - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Epaulets - Male FrontTsaesci Light Epaulets - Male RearTsaesci Light Epaulets - Male RightTsaesci Light Epaulets - Male Side

Tsaesci Light Jerkin - Female FrontTsaesci Light Jerkin - Female RearTsaesci Light Jerkin - Female RightTsaesci Light Jerkin - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Jerkin - Male FrontTsaesci Light Jerkin - Male RearTsaesci Light Jerkin - Male RightTsaesci Light Jerkin - Male Side

Tsaesci Light Robe - Female FrontTsaesci Light Robe - Female RearTsaesci Light Robe - Female RightTsaesci Light Robe - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Robe - Male FrontTsaesci Light Robe - Male RearTsaesci Light Robe - Male RightTsaesci Light Robe - Male Side

Tsaesci Light Gloves - Female FrontTsaesci Light Gloves - Female RearTsaesci Light Gloves - Female RightTsaesci Light Gloves - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Gloves - Male FrontTsaesci Light Gloves - Male RearTsaesci Light Gloves - Male RightTsaesci Light Gloves - Male Side

Tsaesci Light Sash - Female FrontTsaesci Light Sash - Female RightTsaesci Light Sash - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Sash - Male FrontTsaesci Light Sash - Male RightTsaesci Light Sash - Male Side

Tsaesci Light Breeches - Female FrontTsaesci Light Breeches - Female RearTsaesci Light Breeches - Female RightTsaesci Light Breeches - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Breeches - Male FrontTsaesci Light Breeches - Male RearTsaesci Light Breeches - Male RightTsaesci Light Breeches - Male Side

Tsaesci Light Shoes - Female FrontTsaesci Light Shoes - Female RearTsaesci Light Shoes - Female RightTsaesci Light Shoes - Female Side

Tsaesci Light Shoes - Male FrontTsaesci Light Shoes - Male RearTsaesci Light Shoes - Male RightTsaesci Light Shoes - Male Side

Tsaesci Medium Helmet - Female FrontTsaesci Medium Helmet - Female RearTsaesci Medium Helmet - Female RightTsaesci Medium Helmet - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium Helmet - Male FrontTsaesci Medium Helmet - Male RearTsaesci Medium Helmet - Male RightTsaesci Medium Helmet - Male Side

Tsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Female FrontTsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Female RearTsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Female RightTsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Male FrontTsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Male RearTsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Male RightTsaesci Medium Arm Cops - Male Side

Tsaesci Medium Jack - Female FrontTsaesci Medium Jack - Female RearTsaesci Medium Jack - Female RightTsaesci Medium Jack - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium Jack - Male FrontTsaesci Medium Jack - Male RearTsaesci Medium Jack - Male RightTsaesci Medium Jack - Male Side

Tsaesci Medium Bracers - Female FrontTsaesci Medium Bracers - Female RearTsaesci Medium Bracers - Female RightTsaesci Medium Bracers - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium Bracers - Male FrontTsaesci Medium Bracers - Male RearTsaesci Medium Bracers - Male RightTsaesci Medium Bracers - Male Side

Tsaesci Medium Belt - Female FrontTsaesci Medium Belt - Female RightTsaesci Medium Belt - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium Belt - Male FrontTsaesci Medium Belt - Male RightTsaesci Medium Belt - Male Side

Tsaesci Medium Guards - Female FrontTsaesci Medium Guards - Female RearTsaesci Medium Guards - Female RightTsaesci Medium Guards - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium Guards - Male FrontTsaesci Medium Guards - Male RearTsaesci Medium Guards - Male RightTsaesci Medium Guards - Male Side

Tsaesci Medium Boots - Female FrontTsaesci Medium Boots - Female RearTsaesci Medium Boots - Female RightTsaesci Medium Boots - Female Side

Tsaesci Medium Boots - Male FrontTsaesci Medium Boots - Male RearTsaesci Medium Boots - Male RightTsaesci Medium Boots - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy Helm - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy Helm - Female RearTsaesci Heavy Helm - Female RightTsaesci Heavy Helm - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy Helm - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy Helm - Male RearTsaesci Heavy Helm - Male RightTsaesci Heavy Helm - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Female RearTsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Female RightTsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Male RearTsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Male RightTsaesci Heavy Pauldron - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Female RearTsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Female RightTsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Male RearTsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Male RightTsaesci Heavy Cuirass - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Female RearTsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Female RightTsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Male RearTsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Male RightTsaesci Heavy Gauntlets - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy Girdle - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy Girdle - Female RightTsaesci Heavy Girdle - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy Girdle - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy Girdle - Male RightTsaesci Heavy Girdle - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy Greaves - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy Greaves - Female RearTsaesci Heavy Greaves - Female RightTsaesci Heavy Greaves - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy Greaves - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy Greaves - Male RearTsaesci Heavy Greaves - Male RightTsaesci Heavy Greaves - Male Side

Tsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Female FrontTsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Female RearTsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Female RightTsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Female Side

Tsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Male FrontTsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Male RearTsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Male RightTsaesci Heavy Sabatons - Male Side


Tsaesci Axe 2Tsaesci AxeTsaesci Battle Axe 2Tsaesci Battle AxeTsaesci Bow 2Tsaesci BowTsaesci Dagger 2Tsaesci DaggerTsaesci Greatsword 2Tsaesci GreatswordTsaesci Mace 2Tsaesci MaceTsaesci Maul 2Tsaesci MaulTsaesci Shield 2Tsaesci ShieldTsaesci Staff 2Tsaesci StaffTsaesci Sword 2Tsaesci Sword

Jute (Homespun), Rawhide, Iron, Maple

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