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Buoyant Armiger

  • Motif: Racial Motif: Buoyant Armiger
    • Location: Motif chapters are rare, but show up more often in higher-difficulty chests and treasure map chests. By quirk of fate, those who have proven themselves friends of the island and the living god Vivec are more likely to find its chapters or book than others
  • Gem: Volcant Viridian
    • Location: Refined from Viridian Dust, which can be found uncommonly on any harvestable resource in Vvardenfell
  • Game Update: Morrowind
  • georgelabour

    All the weapons seem to be the exact same style as the ashlander ones. Possibly a case of mislabeling?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Whoops. I’ll fix those in the morning. In the mean time, you can see the correct images by clicking them.

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