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I am in the process of breaking each weapons post into individual posts by style . You can view the ones I have completed on the individual weapons pages in the menu under Weapons. This page shows all woodworking weapons sorted by material tier. Click on the thumbnail to view larger images.

  • Marco

    Do Infernal Staff, Ice Staff and Lightning Staff look the same?

    • Exiled Messenger

      I’ve only crafted the maple weapons, but they all looked identical.

    • Feuersturm

      Yes, all 4 types of staff do look the same for each skin motif.
      Besides that weapon skins work same way as armor skins, they are based on the motif, which gets altered by item level (not necessarily the used material) and by item tier.

  • Guest

    I have basic quality crafted bows, staves, and shields for the first 10 racial motifs from maple through hickory. It will not let me upload them to your item submission form. Is there another way I can give them to you?

    Also, every item above hickory has the same structure as hickory, and only changes in color. This holds true for increasing the item’s quality as well. Only changes the color.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Send me a message through the contact form without any images and I’ll respond with the site email address so you can send them that way.

  • Robin

    what style is this bow??? I really do not have a clue but LOVE the design of it and want to continue playing with this style 🙂

    • Nevan

      I’m pretty sure that’s ancient elf, could be wrong though.

    • Karo

      I think it’s the unreleased-tier of weapon for Breton style bows.

  • Sacharizza

    Hey guys. I pilfered this staff from a woodworker’s stand in Stonefalls for deconstruction, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular staff design before. Does anyone recognize it?

  • ArctiKHD

    You guys are experts at this so what style bow is this? Got it in Auridon. It’s Oak btw

    • Tony Steven Austin

      Altmeri Bow, I think.

    • Daniel Judas

      This bow is Tier 5 of Altmer style. Tier 5 is not yet implemented in-game

  • Jake Vestri

    “Beech Shield” Level 28. I looked through the shield section and this particular style isn’t there. I promise I looked for this style, but I just can’t find it 🙁

    • Daniel Judas

      This is Ancient Nord Style. Draugr use theese if you look closely. But actually it is a tier 5 of Nord style. Tier 5 looks is not yet implemented in-game. We only have 4

  • M’aiq the Liar

    Does anyone know this staff motif style? It’s from deltia’s gaming’s youtube video “ESO PvP Tips #1 – Understanding Crowd Control” at 11:11. The closest to this style is glass but it doesn’t have the wing details that the glass motif does

  • Director_Church