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  • Motif: Racial Motif 36: Ebony
    • Location: Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, for Master Writ vouchers. Individual Chapters: 25 Vouchers. Whole Book: 300 Vouchers.
  • Gem: Night Pumice
    • Location: Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, for Master Writ vouchers
  • Game Update: Homestead
  • Stephen Lakowski

    Where can you get Night Pumice other than from writs? Does Ebony gear drop anywhere?

    • Eisotopius

      Night Pumice only comes from the master writ merchant – the only other way to craft in Ebony is using mimic stones. Or of course you could trade with another person to get the Night Pumice from them, but in the end it all comes from either Rolis or out of mimic stones.

      The Ebon Armory set is in this style and it’s the only thing anywhere that drops in the Ebony style, and even then it only drops in heavy armor.

      • Jamini

        Nope. Sorry mate, but you are incorrect. Ravager gear is Ebony, and deconning it can get you the material.

    • Jamini

      Ravager gear is in the Ebony style and you can get night pumice from deconstructing it.

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