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Tier 10 Weapons

This page shows all tier 10 weapon styles, both crafted and dropped, in alphabetical order. Click on the style name to learn more about how to obtain.


Abah’s Watch

Abah's Watch Rubedite AxeAbah's Watch Rubedite Axe 2Abah's Watch Rubedite Battle Axe 2Abah's Watch Rubedite Battle AxeAbah's Watch Ruby Ash BowAbah's Watch Ruby Ash Bow 2Abah's Watch Rubedite Dagger 2Abah's Watch Rubedite DaggerAbah's Watch Rubedite Greatsword 2Abah's Watch Rubedite GreatswordAbah's Watch Rubedite MaceAbah's Watch Rubedite Mace 2Abah's Watch Rubedite Maul 2Abah's Watch Rubedite MaulAbah's Watch Ruby Ash ShieldAbah's Watch Ruby Ash Shield 2Abah's Watch Ruby Ash Staff 2Abah's Watch Ruby Ash StaffAbah's Watch Rubedite SwordAbah's Watch Rubedite Sword 2


Akaviri Rubedite Axe 2Akaviri Rubedite AxeAkaviri Rubedite Battle AxeAkaviri Rubedite Battle Axe 2Akaviri Ruby Ash BowAkaviri Ruby Ash Bow 2Akaviri Rubedite Dagger 2Akaviri Rubedite DaggerAkaviri Rubedite GreatswordAkaviri Rubedite Greatsword 2Akaviri Rubedite Mace 2Akaviri Rubedite MaceAkaviri Rubedite MaulAkaviri Rubedite Maul 2Akaviri Ruby Ash ShieldAkaviri Ruby Ash Shield 2Akaviri Ruby Ash Staff 2Akaviri Ruby Ash StaffAkaviri Rubedite Sword 2Akaviri Rubedite Sword

Aldmeri Dominion

Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite Axe 2Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite AxeAldmeri Dominion Rubedite Battle Axe 2Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite Battle AxeAldmeri Dominion Ruby Ash Bow 2Aldmeri Dominion Ruby Ash BowAldmeri Dominion Rubedite Dagger 2Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite DaggerAldmeri Dominion Rubedite Greatsword 2Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite GreatswordAldmeri Dominion Rubedite Mace 2Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite MaceAldmeri Dominion Rubedite Maul 2Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite MaulAldmeri Dominion Ruby Ash Shield 2Aldmeri Dominion Ruby Ash ShieldAldmeri Dominion Ruby Ash Staff 2Aldmeri Dominion Ruby Ash StaffAldmeri Dominion Rubedite Sword 2Aldmeri Dominion Rubedite Sword

Ancient Elf

Ancient Elf Rubedite Axe 2Ancient Elf Rubedite AxeAncient Elf Rubedite Battle AxeAncient Elf Rubedite Battle Axe 2Ancient Elf Ruby Ash BowAncient Elf Ruby Ash Bow 2Ancient Elf Rubedite Dagger 2Ancient Elf Rubedite DaggerAncient Elf Rubedite GreatswordAncient Elf Rubedite Greatsword 2Ancient Elf Rubedite Mace 2Ancient Elf Rubedite MaceAncient Elf Rubedite MaulAncient Elf Rubedite Maul 2Ancient Elf Ruby Ash ShieldAncient Elf Ruby Ash Shield 2Ancient Elf Ruby Ash Staff 2Ancient Elf Ruby Ash StaffAncient Elf Rubedite Sword 2Ancient Elf Rubedite Sword

Ancient Orc

Ancient Orc Rubedite Axe Legendary 2Ancient Orc Rubedite Axe LegendaryAncient Orc Rubedite Battle Axe LegendaryAncient Orc Rubedite Battle Axe Legendary 2Ancient Orc Ruby Ash Bow Legendary 2Ancient Orc Ruby Ash Bow LegendaryAncient Orc Rubedite Dagger Legendary 2Ancient Orc Rubedite Dagger LegendaryAncient Orc Rubedite Greatsword LegendaryAncient Orc Rubedite Greatsword Legendary 2Ancient Orc Rubedite Mace Legendary 2Ancient Orc Rubedite Mace LegendaryAncient Orc Rubedite Maul Legendary 2Ancient Orc Rubedite Maul LegendaryAncient Orc Ruby Ash Shield Legendary 2Ancient Orc Ruby Ash Shield LegendaryAncient Orc Ruby Ash Staff LegendaryAncient Orc Ruby Ash Staff Legendary 2Ancient Orc Rubedite Sword LegendaryAncient Orc Rubedite Sword Legendary 2


Apostle Rubedite Axe 2Apostle Rubedite AxeApostle Rubedite Battle Axe 2Apostle Rubedite Battle AxeApostle Ruby Ash Bow 2Apostle Ruby Ash BowApostle Rubedite Dagger 2Apostle Rubedite DaggerApostle Rubedite Greatsword 2Apostle Rubedite GreatswordApostle Rubedite Mace 2Apostle Rubedite MaceApostle Rubedite Maul 2Apostle Rubedite Maul
Apostle Ruby Ash Shield 2Apostle Ruby Ash ShieldApostle Ruby Ash Staff 2Apostle Ruby Ash StaffApostle Rubedite Sword 2Apostle Rubedite Sword


Argonian Rubedite Axe 2Argonian Rubedite AxeArgonian Rubedite Battle AxeArgonian Rubedite Battle Axe 2Argonian Ruby Ash BowArgonian Ruby Ash Bow 2Argonian Rubedite Dagger 2Argonian Rubedite DaggerArgonian Rubedite GreatswordArgonian Rubedite Greatsword 2Argonian Rubedite Mace 2Argonian Rubedite MaceArgonian Rubedite MaulArgonian Rubedite Maul 2Argonian Ruby Ash ShieldArgonian Ruby Ash Shield 2Argonian Ruby Ash Staff 2Argonian Ruby Ash StaffArgonian Rubedite Sword 2Argonian Rubedite Sword


Ashlander Rubedite Axe 2Ashlander Rubedite AxeAshlander Rubedite Battle Axe 2Ashlander Rubedite Battle AxeAshlander Ruby Ash Bow 2Ashlander Ruby Ash BowAshlander Rubedite Dagger 2Ashlander Rubedite DaggerAshlander Rubedite Greatsword 2Ashlander Rubedite GreatswordAshlander Rubedite Mace 2Ashlander Rubedite MaceAshlander Rubedite Maul 2Ashlander Rubedite MaulAshlander Ruby Ash Shield 2Ashlander Ruby Ash ShieldAshlander Ruby Ash Staff 2Ashlander Ruby Ash StaffAshlander Rubedite Sword 2Ashlander Rubedite Sword

Assassins League

Assassin's Legacy Rubedite Axe 2Assassin's Legacy Rubedite AxeAssassin's Legacy Rubedite Battle AxeAssassin's Legacy Rubedite Battle Axe 2Assassin's Legacy Ruby Ash BowAssassin's Legacy Ruby Ash Bow 2Assassin's Legacy Rubedite Dagger 2Assassin's Legacy Rubedite DaggerAssassin's Legacy Rubedite GreatswordAssassin's Legacy Rubedite Greatsword 2Assassin's Legacy Rubedite Mace 2Assassin's Legacy Rubedite MaceAssassin's Legacy Rubedite MaulAssassin's Legacy Rubedite Maul 2Assassin's Legacy Ruby Ash ShieldAssassin's Legacy Ruby Ash Shield 2Assassin's Legacy Ruby Ash Staff 2Assassin's Legacy Ruby Ash StaffAssassin's Legacy Rubedite Sword 2Assassin's Legacy Rubedite Sword


The Asylum's Axe 2The Asylum's AxeThe Asylum's Battle Axe 2The Asylum's Battle AxeThe Asylum's Bow 2The Asylum's Bow
The Asylum's Dagger 2The Asylum's DaggerThe Asylum's Greatsword 2The Asylum's GreatswordThe Asylum's Mace 2The Asylum's MaceThe Asylum's Maul 2The Asylum's MaulThe Asylum's Shield 2The Asylum's ShieldThe Asylum's Staff 2The Asylum's StaffThe Asylum's Sword 2The Asylum's Sword

Asylum Perfected

Asylum Perfected Axe 2Asylum Perfected AxeAsylum Perfected Battle Axe 2Asylum Perfected Battle AxeAsylum Perfected Bow 2Asylum Perfected BowAsylum Perfected Dagger 2Asylum Perfected DaggerAsylum Perfected Greatsword 2Asylum Perfected GreatswordAsylum Perfected Mace 2Asylum Perfected MaceAsylum Perfected Maul 2Asylum Perfected MaulAsylum Perfected Shield 2Asylum Perfected ShieldAsylum Perfected Staff 2Asylum Perfected StaffAsylum Perfected Sword 2Asylum Perfected Sword



Barbaric Rubedite Axe 2Barbaric Rubedite AxeBarbaric Rubedite Battle AxeBarbaric Rubedite Battle Axe 2Barbaric Ruby Ash BowBarbaric Ruby Ash Bow 2Barbaric Rubedite Dagger 2Barbaric Rubedite DaggerBarbaric Rubedite GreatswordBarbaric Rubedite Greatsword 2Barbaric Rubedite Mace 2Barbaric Rubedite MaceBarbaric Rubedite MaulBarbaric Rubedite Maul 2Barbaric Ruby Ash ShieldBarbaric Ruby Ash Shield 2Barbaric Ruby Ash Staff 2Barbaric Ruby Ash StaffBarbaric Rubedite Sword 2Barbaric Rubedite Sword


Bloodforge Rubedite Axe 2Bloodforge Rubedite AxeBloodforge Rubedite Battle Axe 2Bloodforge Rubedite Battle AxeBloodforge Ruby Ash Bow 2Bloodforge Ruby Ash BowBloodforge Rubedite Dagger 2Bloodforge Rubedite DaggerBloodforge Iron Greatsword 2Bloodforge Iron GreatswordBloodforge Rubedite Mace 2Bloodforge Rubedite MaceBloodforge Rubedite Maul 2Bloodforge Rubedite MaulBloodforge Ruby Ash Shield 2Bloodforge Ruby Ash ShieldBloodforge Ruby Ash Staff 2Bloodforge Ruby Ash StaffBloodforge Rubedite Sword 2Bloodforge Rubedite Sword


Breton Rubedite Axe 2Breton Rubedite AxeBreton Rubedite Battle AxeBreton Rubedite Battle Axe 2Breton Ruby Ash BowBreton Ruby Ash Bow 2Breton Rubedite Dagger 2Breton Rubedite DaggerBreton Rubedite GreatswordBreton Rubedite Greatsword 2Breton Rubedite Mace 2Breton Rubedite MaceBreton Rubedite MaulBreton Rubedite Maul 2Breton Ruby Ash ShieldBreton Ruby Ash Shield 2Breton Ruby Ash Staff 2Breton Ruby Ash StaffBreton Rubedite Sword 2Breton Rubedite Sword

Buoyant Armiger

Buoyant Armiger Rubedite Axe 2Buoyant Armiger Rubedite AxeBuoyant Armiger Rubedite Battle Axe 2Buoyant Armiger Rubedite Battle AxeBuoyant Armiger Ruby Ash Bow 2Buoyant Armiger Ruby Ash BowBuoyant Armiger Rubedite Dagger 2Buoyant Armiger Rubedite DaggerBuoyant Armiger Rubedite Greatsword 2Buoyant Armiger Rubedite GreatswordBuoyant Armiger Rubedite Mace 2Buoyant Armiger Rubedite MaceBuoyant Armiger Rubedite Maul 2Buoyant Armiger Rubedite MaulBuoyant Armiger Ruby Ash Shield 2Buoyant Armiger Ruby Ash ShieldBuoyant Armiger Ruby Ash Staff 2Buoyant Armiger Ruby Ash StaffBuoyant Armiger Rubedite Sword 2Buoyant Armiger Rubedite Sword



Celestial Rubedite Axe 2Celestial Rubedite AxeCelestial Rubedite Battle AxeCelestial Rubedite Battle Axe 2Celestial Ruby Ash BowCelestial Ruby Ash Bow 2Celestial Rubedite Dagger 2Celestial Rubedite DaggerCelestial Rubedite GreatswordCelestial Rubedite Greatsword 2Celestial Rubedite Mace 2Celestial Rubedite MaceCelestial Rubedite MaulCelestial Rubedite Maul 2Celestial Ruby Ash ShieldCelestial Ruby Ash Shield 2Celestial Ruby Ash Staff 2Celestial Ruby Ash StaffCelestial Rubedite Sword 2Celestial Rubedite Sword


Dwarven Rubedite Axe 2Dwarven Rubedite AxeDwarven Rubedite Battle Axe 2Dwarven Rubedite Battle AxeDwarven Ruby Ash Bow 2Dwarven Ruby Ash BowDwarven Rubedite Dagger 2Dwarven Rubedite DaggerDwarven Rubedite Greatsword 2Dwarven Rubedite GreatswordDwarven Rubedite Mace 2Dwarven Rubedite MaceDwarven Rubedite Maul 2Dwarven Rubedite MaulDwarven Ruby Ash Shield 2Dwarven Ruby Ash ShieldDwarven Ruby Ash Staff 2Dwarven Ruby Ash StaffDwarven Rubedite Sword 2Dwarven Rubedite Sword



Daedric Rubedite Axe 2Daedric Rubedite AxeDaedric Rubedite Battle AxeDaedric Rubedite Battle Axe 2Daedric Ruby Ash BowDaedric Ruby Ash Bow 2Daedric Rubedite Dagger 2Daedric Rubedite DaggerDaedric Rubedite GreatswordDaedric Rubedite Greatsword 2Daedric Rubedite Mace 2Daedric Rubedite MaceDaedric Rubedite MaulDaedric Rubedite Maul 2Daedric Ruby Ash ShieldDaedric Ruby Ash Shield 2Daedric Ruby Ash Staff 2Daedric Ruby Ash StaffDaedric Rubedite Sword 2Daedric Rubedite Sword

Daggerfall Covenant

Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite Axe 2Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite AxeDaggerfall Covenant Rubedite Battle Axe 2Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite Battle AxeDaggerfall Covenant Ruby Ash Bow 2Daggerfall Covenant Ruby Ash BowDaggerfall Covenant Rubedite Dagger 2Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite DaggerDaggerfall Covenant Rubedite Greatsword 2Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite GreatswordDaggerfall Covenant Rubedite Mace 2Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite MaceDaggerfall Covenant Rubedite Maul 2Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite MaulDaggerfall Covenant Ruby Ash Shield 2Daggerfall Covenant Ruby Ash ShieldDaggerfall Covenant Ruby Ash Staff 2Daggerfall Covenant Ruby Ash StaffDaggerfall Covenant Rubedite Sword 2Daggerfall Covenant Rubedite Sword

Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood Rubedite Axe 2Dark Brotherhood Rubedite AxeDark Brotherhood Rubedite Battle AxeDark Brotherhood Rubedite Battle Axe 2Dark Brotherhood Ruby Ash BowDark Brotherhood Ruby Ash Bow 2Dark Brotherhood Rubedite Dagger 2Dark Brotherhood Rubedite DaggerDark Brotherhood Rubedite GreatswordDark Brotherhood Rubedite Greatsword 2Dark Brotherhood Rubedite Mace 2Dark Brotherhood Rubedite MaceDark Brotherhood Rubedite MaulDark Brotherhood Rubedite Maul 2Dark Brotherhood Ruby Ash ShieldDark Brotherhood Ruby Ash Shield 2Dark Brotherhood Ruby Ash Staff 2Dark Brotherhood Ruby Ash StaffDark Brotherhood Rubedite Sword 2Dark Brotherhood Rubedite Sword

Dark Elf

Corundum Dunmer Axe 2Corundum Dunmer AxeCorundum Dunmer Battle AxeCorundum Dunmer Battle Axe 2Ruby Ash Dunmer Bow 2Ruby Ash Dunmer BowCorundum Dunmer Dagger 2Corundum Dunmer DaggerCorundum Dunmer GreatswordCorundum Dunmer Greatsword 2Corundum Dunmer Mace 2Corundum Dunmer MaceCorundum Dunmer MaulCorundum Dunmer Maul 2Ruby Ash Dunmer ShieldRuby Ash Dunmer Shield 2Ruby Ash Dunmer StaffRuby Ash Dunmer Staff 2Corundum Dunmer Sword 2Corundum Dunmer Sword

Dragon Priest

 Dragon Priest Rubedite Axe 2Dragon Priest Rubedite AxeDragon Priest Rubedite Battle Axe 2Dragon Priest Rubedite Battle AxeDragon Priest Rubedite Dagger 2Dragon Priest Rubedite DaggerDragon Priest Rubedite Greatsword 2Dragon Priest Rubedite Greatsword

Dragon Priest Rubedite Mace 2Dragon Priest Rubedite MaceDragon Priest Rubedite Maul 2Dragon Priest Rubedite MaulDragon Priest Rubedite Sword 2Dragon Priest Rubedite SwordDragon Priest Ruby Ash Bow 2Dragon Priest Ruby Ash BowDragon Priest Ruby Ash Shield 2Dragon Priest Ruby Ash ShieldDragon Priest Ruby Ash Staff 2Dragon Priest Ruby Ash Staff


Draugr Rubedite Axe 2Draugr Rubedite AxeDraugr Rubedite Battle AxeDraugr Rubedite Battle Axe 2Draugr Ruby Ash BowDraugr Ruby Ash Bow 2Draugr Rubedite Dagger 2Draugr Rubedite DaggerDraugr Rubedite GreatswordDraugr Rubedite Greatsword 2Draugr Rubedite Mace 2Draugr Rubedite MaceDraugr Rubedite MaulDraugr Rubedite Maul 2Draugr Ruby Ash ShieldDraugr Ruby Ash Shield 2Draugr Ruby Ash Staff 2Draugr Ruby Ash StaffDraugr Rubedite Sword 2Draugr Rubedite Sword


Dreadhorn Rubedite Axe 2Dreadhorn Rubedite AxeDreadhorn Rubedite Battle Axe 2Dreadhorn Rubedite Battle AxeDreadhorn Ruby Ash Bow 2Dreadhorn Ruby Ash BowDreadhorn Rubedite Dagger 2Dreadhorn Rubedite DaggerDreadhorn Rubedite Greatsword 2Dreadhorn Rubedite GreatswordDreadhorn Rubedite Mace 2Dreadhorn Rubedite MaceDreadhorn Rubedite Maul 2Dreadhorn Rubedite MaulDreadhorn Ruby Ash Shield 2Dreadhorn Ruby Ash ShieldDreadhorn Ruby Ash Staff 2Dreadhorn Ruby Ash StaffDreadhorn Rubedite Sword 2Dreadhorn Rubedite Sword


Dro-m'Athra Rubedite Axe 2Dro-m'Athra Rubedite AxeDro-m'Athra Rubedite Battle Axe 2Dro-m'Athra Rubedite Battle AxeDro-m'Athra Ruby Ash Bow 2Dro-m'Athra Ruby Ash BowDro-m'Athra Rubedite Dagger 2Dro-m'Athra Rubedite DaggerDro-m'Athra Rubedite Greatsword 2Dro-m'Athra Rubedite GreatswordDro-m'Athra Rubedite Mace 2Dro-m'Athra Rubedite MaceDro-m'Athra Rubedite Maul 2Dro-m'Athra Rubedite MaulDro-m'Athra Ruby Ash Shield 2Dro-m'Athra Ruby Ash ShieldDro-m'Athra Ruby Ash Staff 2Dro-m'Athra Ruby Ash StaffDro-m'Athra Rubedite Sword 2Dro-m'Athra Rubedite Sword


Dwemer Rubedite Axe 2Dwemer Rubedite AxeDwemer Rubedite Battle AxeDwemer Rubedite Battle Axe 2Dwemer Ruby Ash BowDwemer Ruby Ash Bow 2Dwemer Rubedite Dagger 2Dwemer Rubedite DaggerDwemer Rubedite GreatswordDwemer Rubedite Greatsword 2Dwemer Rubedite Mace 2Dwemer Rubedite MaceDwemer Rubedite MaulDwemer Rubedite Maul 2Dwemer Ruby Ash ShieldDwemer Ruby Ash Shield 2Dwemer Ruby Ash Staff 2Dwemer Ruby Ash StaffDwemer Rubedite Sword 2Dwemer Rubedite Sword


Ebonheart Pact

Ebonheart Pact Rubedite Axe 2Ebonheart Pact Rubedite AxeEbonheart Pact Rubedite Battle Axe 2Ebonheart Pact Rubedite Battle AxeEbonheart Pact Ruby Ash Bow 2Ebonheart Pact Ruby Ash BowEbonheart Pact Rubedite Dagger 2Ebonheart Pact Rubedite DaggerEbonheart Pact Rubedite Greatsword 2Ebonheart Pact Rubedite GreatswordEbonheart Pact Rubedite Mace 2Ebonheart Pact Rubedite MaceEbonheart Pact Rubedite Maul 2Ebonheart Pact Rubedite MaulEbonheart Pact Ruby Ash Shield 2Ebonheart Pact Ruby Ash ShieldEbonheart Pact Ruby Ash Staff 2Ebonheart Pact Ruby Ash StaffEbonheart Pact Rubedite Sword 2Ebonheart Pact Rubedite Sword


Ebonshadow Rubedite Axe 2Ebonshadow Rubedite AxeEbonshadow Rubedite Battle Axe 2Ebonshadow Rubedite Battle AxeEbonshadow Ruby Ash Bow 2Ebonshadow Ruby Ash BowEbonshadow Rubedite Dagger 2Ebonshadow Rubedite DaggerEbonshadow Rubedite Greatsword 2Ebonshadow Rubedite GreatswordEbonshadow Rubedite Mace 2Ebonshadow Rubedite MaceEbonshadow Rubedite Maul 2Ebonshadow Rubedite MaulEbonshadow Ruby Ash Shield 2Ebonshadow Ruby Ash ShieldEbonshadow Ruby Ash Staff 2Ebonshadow Ruby Ash StaffEbonshadow Rubedite Sword 2Ebonshadow Rubedite Sword


Ebony Rubedite Axe 2Ebony Rubedite AxeEbony Rubedite Battle Axe 2Ebony Rubedite Battle AxeEbony Ruby Ash Bow 2Ebony Ruby Ash BowEbony Rubedite Dagger 2Ebony Rubedite DaggerEbony Rubedite Greatsword 2Ebony Rubedite GreatswordEbony Rubedite Mace 2Ebony Rubedite MaceEbony Rubedite Maul 2Ebony Rubedite MaulEbony Ruby Ash Shield 2Ebony Ruby Ash ShieldEbony Ruby Ash Staff 2Ebony Ruby Ash StaffEbony Rubedite Sword 2Ebony Rubedite Sword


Fang Lair

 Fang Lair Rubedite Axe 2Fang Lair Rubedite AxeFang Lair Rubedite Battle Axe 2Fang Lair Rubedite Battle AxeFang Lair Rubedite Dagger 2Fang Lair Rubedite DaggerFang Lair Rubedite Greatsword 2Fang Lair Rubedite GreatswordFang Lair Rubedite Mace 2Fang Lair Rubedite MaceFang Lair Rubedite Maul 2Fang Lair Rubedite MaulFang Lair Rubedite Sword 2Fang Lair Rubedite Sword

Fang Lair Ruby Ash Bow 2Fang Lair Ruby Ash BowFang Lair Ruby Shield 2Fang Lair Ruby ShieldFang Lair Ruby Staff 2Fang Lair Ruby Staff



Glass Rubedite Axe 2Glass Rubedite AxeGlass Rubedite Battle AxeGlass Rubedite Battle Axe 2Glass Ruby Ash BowGlass Ruby Ash Bow 2Glass Rubedite Dagger 2Glass Rubedite DaggerGlass Rubedite GreatswordGlass Rubedite Greatsword 2Glass Rubedite Mace 2Glass Rubedite MaceGlass Rubedite MaulGlass Rubedite Maul 2Glass Ruby Ash ShieldGlass Ruby Ash Shield 2Glass Ruby Ash Staff 2Glass Ruby Ash StaffGlass Rubedite Sword 2Glass Rubedite Sword

Grim Harlequin

Grim Harlequin Rubedite Axe 2Grim Harlequin Rubedite AxeGrim Harlequin Rubedite Battle AxeGrim Harlequin Rubedite Battle Axe 2Grim Harlequin Ruby Ash BowGrim Harlequin Ruby Ash Bow 2Grim Harlequin Rubedite Dagger 2Grim Harlequin Rubedite DaggerGrim Harlequin Rubedite GreatswordGrim Harlequin Rubedite Greatsword 2Grim Harlequin Rubedite Mace 2Grim Harlequin Rubedite MaceGrim Harlequin Rubedite MaulGrim Harlequin Rubedite Maul 2Grim Harlequin Ruby Ash ShieldGrim Harlequin Ruby Ash Shield 2Grim Harlequin Ruby Ash Staff 2Grim Harlequin Ruby Ash StaffGrim Harlequin Rubedite Sword 2Grim Harlequin Rubedite Sword


High Elf

Corundum Altmer Axe 2Corundum Altmer AxeCorundum Altmer Battle AxeCorundum Altmer Battle Axe 2Ruby Ash Altmer Bow 2Ruby Ash Altmer BowCorundum Altmer Dagger 2Corundum Altmer DaggerCorundum Altmer GreatswordCorundum Altmer Greatsword 2Corundum Altmer Mace 2Corundum Altmer MaceCorundum Altmer MaulCorundum Altmer Maul 2Ruby Ash Altmer ShieldRuby Ash Altmer Shield 2Ruby Ash Altmer StaffRuby Ash Altmer Staff 2Corundum Altmer Sword 2Corundum Altmer Sword


Hlaalu Rubedite Axe 2Hlaalu Rubedite Axe011102110112021201130213011402140115021501160216011702170118021801190219


Hollowjack Rubedite Axe 2Hollowjack Rubedite AxeHollowjack Rubedite Battle AxeHollowjack Rubedite Battle Axe 2Hollowjack Ruby Ash BowHollowjack Ruby Ash Bow 2Hollowjack Rubedite Dagger 2Hollowjack Rubedite DaggerHollowjack Rubedite GreatswordHollowjack Rubedite Greatsword 2Hollowjack Rubedite Mace 2Hollowjack Rubedite MaceHollowjack Rubedite MaulHollowjack Rubedite Maul 2Hollowjack Ruby Ash ShieldHollowjack Ruby Ash Shield 2Hollowjack Ruby Ash Staff 2Hollowjack Ruby Ash StaffHollowjack Rubedite Sword 2Hollowjack Rubedite Sword



Corundum Imperial Axe 2Corundum Imperial AxeCorundum Imperial Battle AxeCorundum Imperial Battle Axe 2Ruby Ash Imperial Bow 2Ruby Ash Imperial BowCorundum Imperial Dagger 2Corundum Imperial DaggerCorundum Imperial GreatswordCorundum Imperial Greatsword 2Corundum Imperial Mace 2Corundum Imperial MaceCorundum Imperial MaulCorundum Imperial Maul 2Ruby Ash Imperial ShieldRuby Ash Imperial Shield 2Ruby Ash Imperial StaffRuby Ash Imperial Staff 2Corundum Imperial Sword 2Corundum Imperial Sword



Khajiit Rubedite Axe 2Khajiit Rubedite AxeKhajiit Rubedite Battle AxeKhajiit Rubedite Battle Axe 2Khajiit Ruby Ash BowKhajiit Ruby Ash Bow 2Khajiit Rubedite Dagger 2Khajiit Rubedite DaggerKhajiit Rubedite GreatswordKhajiit Rubedite Greatsword 2Khajiit Rubedite Mace 2Khajiit Rubedite MaceKhajiit Rubedite MaulKhajiit Rubedite Maul 2Khajiit Ruby Ash ShieldKhajiit Ruby Ash Shield 2Khajiit Ruby Ash Staff 2Khajiit Ruby Ash StaffKhajiit Rubedite Sword 2Khajiit Rubedite Sword



The Maelstrom's Axe 2The Maelstrom's AxeThe Maelstrom's Battle Axe 2The Maelstrom's Battle AxeThe Maelstrom's Bow 2The Maelstrom's BowThe Maelstrom's Dagger 2The Maelstrom's DaggerThe Maelstrom's Greatsword 2The Maelstrom's GreatswordThe Maelstrom's Mace 2The Maelstrom's MaceThe Maelstrom's Maul 2The Maelstrom's MaulThe Maelstrom's Shield 2The Maelstrom's ShieldThe Maelstrom's Staff 2The Maelstrom's StaffThe Maelstrom's Sword 2The Maelstrom's Sword


Malacath Rubedite Axe 2Malacath Rubedite AxeMalacath Rubedite Battle AxeMalacath Rubedite Battle Axe 2Malacath Ruby Ash BowMalacath Ruby Ash Bow 2Malacath Rubedite Dagger 2Malacath Rubedite DaggerMalacath Rubedite GreatswordMalacath Rubedite Greatsword 2Malacath Rubedite Mace 2Malacath Rubedite MaceMalacath Rubedite MaulMalacath Rubedite Maul 2Malacath Ruby Ash ShieldMalacath Ruby Ash Shield 2Malacath Ruby Ash Staff 2 - CopyMalacath Ruby Ash Staff - CopyMalacath Rubedite Sword 2'Malacath Rubedite Sword


Maormer Axe 2Maormer AxeMaormer Battle Axe 2Maormer Battle AxeMaormer Bow 2Maormer BowMaormer Dagger 2Maormer DaggerMaormer Greatsword 2Maormer GreatswordMaormer Mace 2Maormer MaceMaormer Maul 2Maormer MaulMaormer Shield 2Maormer ShieldMaormer Staff 2Maormer StaffMaormer Sword 2Maormer Sword


The Master's Axe 2The Master's AxeThe Master's Battle Axe 2The Master's Battle AxeThe Master's Bow 2The Master's BowThe Master's Dagger 2The Master's DaggerThe Master's Greatsword 2The Master's GreatswordThe Master's Mace 2The Master's MaceThe Master's Maul 2The Master's MaulThe Master's Shield 2The Master's ShieldThe Master's StaffThe Master's Staff 2The Master's Sword 2The Master's Sword


Mazzatun Rubedite Axe 2Mazzatun Rubedite AxeMazzatun Rubedite Battle Axe 2Mazzatun Rubedite Battle AxeMazzatun Ruby Ash Bow 2Mazzatun Ruby Ash BowMazzatun Rubedite Dagger 2Mazzatun Rubedite DaggerMazzatun Rubedite Greatsword 2Mazzatun Rubedite GreatswordMazzatun Rubedite Mace 2Mazzatun Rubedite MaceMazzatun Rubedite Maul 2Mazzatun Rubedite MaulMazzatun Ruby Ash Shield 2Mazzatun Ruby Ash ShieldMazzatun Ruby Ash Staff 2Mazzatun Ruby Ash StaffMazzatun Rubedite Sword 2Mazzatun Rubedite Sword


Mercenary Rubedite Axe 2Mercenary Rubedite AxeMercenary Rubedite Battle AxeMercenary Rubedite Battle Axe 2Mercenary Ruby Ash BowMercenary Ruby Ash Bow 2Mercenary Rubedite Dagger 2Mercenary Rubedite DaggerMercenary Rubedite GreatswordMercenary Rubedite Greatsword 2Mercenary Rubedite Mace 2Mercenary Rubedite MaceMercenary Rubedite MaulMercenary Rubedite Maul 2Mercenary Ruby Ash ShieldMercenary Ruby Ash Shield 2Mercenary Ruby Ash Staff 2Mercenary Ruby Ash StaffMercenary Rubedite Sword 2Mercenary Rubedite Sword

Militant Ordinator

Militant Ordinator Rubedite Axe 2Militant Ordinator Rubedite AxeMilitant Ordinator Rubedite Battle Axe 2Militant Ordinator Rubedite Battle AxeMilitant Ordinator Ruby Ash Bow 2Militant Ordinator Ruby Ash BowMilitant Ordinator Rubedite Dagger 2Militant Ordinator Rubedite DaggerMilitant Ordinator Rubedite Greatsword 2Militant Ordinator Rubedite GreatswordMilitant Ordinator Rubedite Mace 2Militant Ordinator Rubedite MaceMilitant Ordinator Rubedite Maul 2Militant Ordinator Rubedite MaulMilitant Ordinator Ruby Ash Shield 2Militant Ordinator Ruby Ash ShieldMilitant Ordinator Ruby Ash Staff 2Militant Ordinator Ruby Ash StaffMilitant Ordinator Rubedite Sword 2Militant Ordinator Rubedite Sword


Minotaur Rubedite Axe 2Minotaur Rubedite AxeMinotaur Rubedite Battle AxeMinotaur Rubedite Battle Axe 2Minotaur Ruby Ash BowMinotaur Ruby Ash Bow 2Minotaur Rubedite Sword 2Minotaur Rubedite SwordMinotaur Rubedite GreatswordMinotaur Rubedite Greatsword 2Minotaur Rubedite Mace 2Minotaur Rubedite MaceMinotaur Rubedite MaulMinotaur Rubedite Maul 2Minotaur Ruby Ash ShieldMinotaur Ruby Ash Shield 2Minotaur Ruby Ash Staff 2Minotaur Ruby Ash StaffMinotaur Rubedite Sword 2Minotaur Rubedite Sword

Morag Tong

Morag Tong Rubedite Axe 2Morag Tong Rubedite AxeMorag Tong Rubedite Battle Axe 2Morag Tong Rubedite Battle AxeMorag Tong Ruby Ash Bow 2Morag Tong Ruby Ash BowMorag Tong Rubedite Dagger 2Morag Tong Rubedite DaggerMorag Tong Rubedite Greatsword 2Morag Tong Rubedite GreatswordMorag Tong Rubedite Mace 2Morag Tong Rubedite MaceMorag Tong Rubedite Maul 2Morag Tong Rubedite MaulMorag Tong Ruby Ash Shield 2Morag Tong Ruby Ash ShieldMorag Tong Ruby Ash Staff 2Morag Tong Ruby Ash StaffMorag Tong Rubedite Sword 2Morag Tong Rubedite Sword



Corundum Nord Axe 2Corundum Nord AxeCorundum Nord Battle AxeCorundum Nord Battle Axe 2Ruby Ash Nord Bow 2Ruby Ash Nord BowCorundum Nord Dagger 2Corundum Nord DaggerCorundum Nord GreatswordCorundum Nord Greatsword 2Corundum Nord Mace 2Corundum Nord MaceCorundum Nord MaulCorundum Nord Maul 2Ruby Ash Nord ShieldRuby Ash Nord Shield 2Ruby Ash Nord StaffRuby Ash Nord Staff 2Corundum Nord Sword 2Corundum Nord Sword



Corundum Orc Axe 2Corundum Orc AxeCorundum Orc Battle AxeCorundum Orc Battle Axe 2Ruby Ash Orc Bow 2Ruby Ash Orc BowCorundum Orc Dagger 2Corundum Orc DaggerCorundum Orc GreatswordCorundum Orc Greatsword 2Corundum Orc Mace 2Corundum Orc MaceCorundum Orc MaulCorundum Orc Maul 2Ruby Ash Orc ShieldRuby Ash Orc Shield 2Ruby Ash Orc StaffRuby Ash Orc Staff 2Corundum Orc Sword 2Corundum Orc Sword

Order of the Hour

Order of the Hour Rubedite Axe 2Order of the Hour Rubedite AxeOrder of the Hour Rubedite Battle AxeOrder of the Hour Rubedite Battle Axe 2Order of the Hour Ruby Ash BowOrder of the Hour Ruby Ash Bow 2Order of the Hour Rubedite Dagger 2Order of the Hour Rubedite DaggerOrder of the Hour Rubedite GreatswordOrder of the Hour Rubedite Greatsword 2Order of the Hour Rubedite Mace 2Order of the Hour Rubedite MaceOrder of the Hour Rubedite MaulOrder of the Hour Rubedite Maul 2Order of the Hour Ruby Ash ShieldOrder of the Hour Ruby Ash Shield 2Order of the Hour Ruby Ash Staff 2Order of the Hour Ruby Ash StaffOrder of the Hour Rubedite Sword 2Order of the Hour Rubedite Sword



Primal Rubedite Axe 2Primal Rubedite AxePrimal Rubedite Battle AxePrimal Rubedite Battle Axe 2Primal Ruby Ash BowPrimal Ruby Ash Bow 2Primal Rubedite Dagger 2Primal Rubedite DaggerPrimal Rubedite GreatswordPrimal Rubedite Greatsword 2Primal Rubedite Mace 2Primal Rubedite MacePrimal Rubedite Maul 2Primal Rubedite MaulPrimal Ruby Ash ShieldPrimal Ruby Ash Shield 2Primal Ruby Ash Staff 2Primal Ruby Ash StaffPrimal Rubedite Sword 2Primal Rubedite Sword


Ra Gada

Ra Gada Rubedite Axe 2Ra Gada Rubedite AxeRa Gada Rubedite Battle Axe 2Ra Gada Rubedite Battle AxeRa Gada Ruby Ash Bow 2Ra Gada Ruby Ash BowRa Gada Rubedite Dagger 2Ra Gada Rubedite DaggerRa Gada Rubedite Greatsword 2Ra Gada Rubedite GreatswordRa Gada Rubedite Mace 2Ra Gada Rubedite MaceRa Gada Rubedite Maul 2Ra Gada Rubedite MaulRa Gada Ruby Ash Shield 2Ra Gada Ruby Ash ShieldRa Gada Ruby Ash Staff 2Ra Gada Ruby Ash StaffRa Gada Rubedite Sword 2Ra Gada Rubedite Sword


Corundum Redguard Axe 2Corundum Redguard AxeCorundum Redguard Battle AxeCorundum Redguard Battle Axe 2Ruby Ash Redguard BowRuby Ash Redguard Bow 2Corundum Redguard Dagger 2Corundum Redguard DaggerCorundum Redguard GreatswordCorundum Redguard Greatsword 2Corundum Redguard Mace 2Corundum Redguard MaceCorundum Redguard MaulCorundum Redguard Maul 2Ruby Ash Redguard ShieldRuby Ash Redguard Shield 2Ruby Ash Redguard Staff 2Ruby Ash Redguard StaffCorundum Redguard Sword 2Corundum Redguard Sword




Silken Ring

Silken Ring Rubedite Axe 2Silken Ring Rubedite AxeSilken Ring Rubedite Battle Axe 2Silken Ring Rubedite Battle AxeSilken Ring Ruby Ash Bow 2Silken Ring Ruby Ash BowSilken Ring Rubedite Dagger 2Silken Ring Rubedite DaggerSilken Ring Rubedite Greatsword 2Silken Ring Rubedite GreatswordSilken Ring Rubedite Mace 2Silken Ring Rubedite MaceSilken Ring Rubedite Maul 2Silken Ring Rubedite MaulSilken Ring Maple Shield 2Silken Ring Maple ShieldSilken Ring Ruby Ash Staff 2Silken Ring Ruby Ash StaffSilken Ring Rubedite Sword 2Silken Ring Rubedite Sword


Skinchanger Rubedite Axe 2Skinchanger Rubedite AxeSkinchanger Rubedite Battle AxeSkinchanger Rubedite Battle Axe 2Skinchanger Ruby Ash BowSkinchanger Ruby Ash Bow 2Skinchanger Rubedite Dagger 2Skinchanger Rubedite DaggerSkinchanger Rubedite GreatswordSkinchanger Rubedite Greatsword 2Skinchanger Rubedite Mace 2Skinchanger Rubedite MaceSkinchanger Rubedite MaulSkinchanger Rubedite Maul 2Skinchanger Ruby Ash ShieldSkinchanger Ruby Ash Shield 2Skinchanger Ruby Ash Staff 2Skinchanger Ruby Ash StaffSkinchanger Rubedite Sword 2Skinchanger Rubedite Sword

Soul Shriven

Soul-Shriven Rubedite Axe 2Soul-Shriven Rubedite AxeSoul-Shriven Rubedite Battle AxeSoul-Shriven Rubedite Battle Axe 2Soul-Shriven Ruby Ash BowSoul-Shriven Ruby Ash Bow 2Soul-Shriven Rubedite Dagger 2Soul-Shriven Rubedite DaggerSoul-Shriven Rubedite GreatswordSoul-Shriven Rubedite Greatsword 2Soul-Shriven Rubedite Mace 2Soul-Shriven Rubedite MaceSoul-Shriven Rubedite MaulSoul-Shriven Rubedite Maul 2Soul-Shriven Ruby Ash ShieldSoul-Shriven Ruby Ash Shield 2Soul-Shriven Ruby Ash Staff 2Soul-Shriven Ruby Ash StaffSoul-Shriven Rubedite Sword 2Soul-Shriven Rubedite Sword

Stahlrim Frostcaster

Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Axe 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite AxeStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Battle AxeStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Battle Axe 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Ruby Ash BowStahlrim Frostcaster Ruby Ash Bow 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Dagger 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite DaggerStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite GreatswordStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Greatsword 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Mace 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite MaceStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite MaulStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Maul 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Ruby Ash ShieldStahlrim Frostcaster Ruby Ash Shield 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Ruby Ash Staff 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Ruby Ash StaffStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Sword 2Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedite Sword




Thieves Guild

Thieves Guild Rubedite Axe 2Thieves Guild Rubedite AxeThieves Guild Rubedite Battle Axe 2Thieves Guild Rubedite Battle AxeThieves Guild Ruby Ash BowThieves Guild Ruby Ash Bow 2Thieves Guild Rubedite DaggerThieves Guild Rubedite Dagger 2Thieves Guild Rubedite Greatsword 2Thieves Guild Rubedite GreatswordThieves Guild Rubedite MaceThieves Guild Rubedite Mace 2Thieves Guild Rubedite MaulThieves Guild Rubedite Maul 2Thieves Guild Ruby Ash Shield 2Thieves Guild Ruby Ash ShieldThieves Guild Ruby Ash Staff 2Thieves Guild Ruby Ash StaffThieves Guild Rubedite Sword 2Thieves Guild Rubedite Sword


Trinimac Rubedite Axe 2Trinimac Rubedite AxeTrinimac Rubedite Battle AxeTrinimac Rubedite Battle Axe 2Trinimac Ruby Ash BowTrinimac Ruby Ash Bow 2Trinimac Rubedite Dagger 2Trinimac Rubedite DaggerTrinimac Rubedite GreatswordTrinimac Rubedite Greatsword 2Trinimac Rubedite Mace 2Trinimac Rubedite MaceTrinimac Rubedite MaulTrinimac Rubedite Maul 2Trinimac Ruby Ash ShieldTrinimac Ruby Ash Shield 2Trinimac Ruby Ash Staff 2Trinimac Ruby Ash StaffTrinimac Rubedite Sword 2Trinimac Rubedite Sword


Wood Elf

Corundum Bosmer Axe 2Corundum Bosmer AxeCorundum Bosmer Battle AxeCorundum Bosmer Battle Axe 2Ruby Ash Bosmer Bow 2Ruby Ash Bosmer BowCorundum Bosmer Dagger 2Corundum Bosmer DaggerCorundum Bosmer GreatswordCorundum Bosmer Greatsword 2Corundum Bosmer Mace 2Corundum Bosmer MaceCorundum Bosmer MaulCorundum Bosmer Maul 2Ruby Ash Bosmer ShieldRuby Ash Bosmer Shield 2Ruby Ash Bosmer StaffRuby Ash Bosmer Staff 2Corundum Redguard Sword 2Corundum Redguard Sword

Worm Cult

Worm Cult Rubedite Axe 2Worm Cult Rubedite AxeWorm Cult Rubedite Battle Axe 2Worm Cult Rubedite Battle AxeWorm Cult Ruby Ash Bow 2Worm Cult Ruby Ash BowWorm Cult Rubedite Dagger 2Worm Cult Rubedite DaggerWorm Cult Rubedite Greatsword 2Worm Cult Rubedite GreatswordWorm Cult Rubedite Mace 2Worm Cult Rubedite MaceWorm Cult Rubedite Maul 2Worm Cult Rubedite MaulWorm Cult Ruby Ash Shield 2Worm Cult Ruby Ash ShieldWorm Cult Ruby Ash Staff 2Worm Cult Ruby Ash StaffWorm Cult Rubedite Sword 2Worm Cult Rubedite Sword



Xivkyn Rubedite Axe 2Xivkyn Rubedite AxeXivkyn Rubedite Battle AxeXivkyn Rubedite Battle Axe 2Xivkyn Ruby Ash BowXivkyn Ruby Ash Bow 2Xivkyn Rubedite Dagger 2Xivkyn Rubedite DaggerXivkyn Rubedite greatswordXivkyn Rubedite greatsword 2Xivkyn Rubedite Mace 2Xivkyn Rubedite MaceXivkyn Rubedite MaulXivkyn Rubedite Maul 2Xivkyn Ruby Ash ShieldXivkyn Ruby Ash Shield 2Xivkyn Ruby Ash Staff 2Xivkyn Ruby Ash StaffXivkyn Rubedite Sword 2Xivkyn Rubedite Sword



Yokudan Rubedite Axe 2Yokudan Rubedite AxeYokudan Rubedite Battle Axe 2Yokudan Rubedite Battle AxeYokudan Ruby Ash Bow 2Yokudan Ruby Ash BowYokudan Rubedite Dagger 2Yokudan Rubedite DaggerYokudan Rubedite Greatsword 2Yokudan Rubedite GreatswordYokudan Rubedite Mace 2Yokudan Rubedite MaceYokudan Rubedite Maul 2Yokudan Rubedite MaulYokudan Ruby Ash Shield 2Yokudan Ruby Ash ShieldYokudan Ruby Ash Staff 2Yokudan Ruby Ash StaffYokudan Rubedite Sword 2Yokudan Rubedite Sword

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