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Medium Armor Comparison

This page shows all medium armor styles, both crafted and dropped, in alphabetical order. Click on the style name to learn more about how to obtain.


Abah’s Watch


Abah's Watch Rubedo - Female FrontAbah's Watch Rubedo - Female BackAbah's Watch Rubedo - Female SideAbah's Watch Rubedo - Male FrontAbah's Watch Rubedo - Male BackAbah's Watch Rubedo - Male Side


Akaviri Rubedo - Female FrontAkaviri Rubedo - Female BackAkaviri Rubedo - Female SideAkaviri Rubedo - Male FrontAkaviri Rubedo - Male BackAkaviri Rubedo - Male Side

Aldmeri Dominion

AD Rubedo Medium Superior Female FrontAD Rubedo Medium Superior Female RearAD Rubedo Medium Superior Female L SideAD-Rubedo-Normal-Male-FrontAD-Rubedo-Normal-Male-RearAD-Rubedo-Normal-Male-L-Side

Ancient Elf


Ancient Elf Rubedo - Female FrontAncient Elf Rubedo - Female BackAncient Elf Rubedo - Female SideAncient Elf Rubedo - Male FrontAncient Elf Rubedo - Male BackAncient Elf Rubedo - Male Side

Ancient Orc

Ancient Orc Rubedo Leather - Female FrontAncient Orc Rubedo Leather - Female BackAncient Orc Rubedo Leather - Female RightAncient Orc Rubedo Leather - Male FrontAncient Orc Rubedo Leather - Male BackAncient Orc Rubedo Leather - Male Right



Apostle Rubedo Leather - Female FrontApostle Rubedo Leather - Female BackApostle Rubedo Leather - Female SideApostle Rubedo Leather - Male FrontApostle Rubedo Leather - Male BackApostle Rubedo Leather - Male Side

Argonian 1

Argonian Rawhide - Female FrontArgonian Rawhide - Female BackArgonian Rawhide - Female SideArgonian Rawhide - Male FrontArgonian Rawhide - Male BackArgonian Rawhide - Male Side

Argonian 2

Argonian Hide - Female FrontArgonian Hide - Female RearArgonian Hide - Female SideArgonian Hide - Male FrontArgonian Hide - Male RearArgonian Hide - Male Side

Argonian 3

Argonian Leather - Female FrontArgonian Leather - Female RearArgonian Leather - Female SideArgonian Leather - Male FrontArgonian Leather - Male RearArgonian Leather - Male Side

Argonian 4

Argonian Rubedo Leather - Female FrontArgonian Rubedo Leather - Female BackArgonian Rubedo Leather - Female RightArgonian Rubedo Leather - Male FrontArgonian Rubedo Leather - Male BackArgonian Rubedo Leather - Male Right

Ashlander (New)

Ashlander Rubedo Leather - Female FrontAshlander Rubedo Leather - Female BackAshlander Rubedo Leather - Female SideAshlander Rubedo Leather - Male FrontAshlander Rubedo Leather - Male BackAshlander Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Ashlander (Old)

Coat of the Red Mountain - Female FrontCoat of the Red Mountain - Female BackCoat of the Red Mountain - Female SideCoat of the Red Mountain - Male FrontCoat of the Red Mountain - Male BackCoat of the Red Mountain - Male Side

Assassins League

Assassin's League Rubedo - Female FrontAssassin's League Rubedo - Female BackAssassin's League Rubedo - Female SideAssassin's League Rubedo - Male FrontAssassin's League Rubedo - Male BackAssassin's League Rubedo - Male Side



Barbaric Rubedo - Female FrontBarbaric Rubedo - Female BackBarbaric Rubedo - Female SideBarbaric Rubedo - Male FrontBarbaric Rubedo - Male BackBarbaric Rubedo - Male Side


Bloodforge Rubedo Leather - Female FrontBloodforge Rubedo Leather - Female BackBloodforge Rubedo Leather - Female SideBloodforge Rubedo Leather - Male FrontBloodforge Rubedo Leather - Male BackBloodforge Rubedo Leather - Male Side

Breton 1

Breton Rawhide - Female FrontBreton Rawhide - Female BackBreton Rawhide - Female SideBreton Rawhide - Male FrontBreton Rawhide - Male BackBreton Rawhide - Male Side

Breton 2

Breton Hide - Female FrontBreton Hide - Female RearBreton Hide - Female SideBreton Hide - Male FrontBreton Hide - Male RearBreton Hide - Male Side

Breton 3

Breton Leather - Female FrontBreton Leather - Female RearBreton Leather - Female SideBreton Leather - Male FrontBreton Leather - Male RearBreton Leather - Male Side

Breton 4

Breton Rubedo Leather - Female FrontBreton Rubedo Leather - Female BackBreton Rubedo Leather - Female RightBreton Rubedo Leather - Male FrontBreton Rubedo Leather - Male BackBreton Rubedo Leather - Male Right

Buoyant Armiger

Buoyant Armiger Rubedo Leather - Female FrontBuoyant Armiger Rubedo Leather - Female BackBuoyant Armiger Rubedo Leather - Female SideBuoyant Armiger Rubedo Leather - Male FrontBuoyant Armiger Rubedo Leather - Male BackBuoyant Armiger Rubedo Leather - Male Side



Celestial Ruibedo Leather - Female FrontCelestial Ruibedo Leather - Female BackCelestial Ruibedo Leather - Female SideCelestial Ruibedo Leather - Male FrontCelestial Ruibedo Leather - Male BackCelestial Ruibedo Leather - Male Side



Daedric Rubedo - Female FrontDaedric Rubedo - Female BackDaedric Rubedo - Female SideDaedric Rubedo - Male FrontDaedric Rubedo - Male BackDaedric Rubedo - Male Side


Daggerfall Covenant



Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood Rubedo Leather - Female FrontDark Brotherhood Rubedo Leather - Female BackDark Brotherhood Rubedo Leather - Female SideDark Brotherhood Rubedo Leather - Male FrontDark Brotherhood Rubedo Leather - Male BackDark Brotherhood Rubedo Leather - Male Side

Dark Elf 1


Dunmer Rawhide - Female FrontDunmer Rawhide - Female BackDunmer Rawhide - Female SideDunmer Rawhide - Male FrontDunmer Rawhide - Male BackDunmer Rawhide - Male Side

Dark Elf 2

Dark Elf Hide - Female FrontDark Elf Hide - Female RearDark Elf Hide - Female SideDark Elf Hide - Male FrontDark Elf Hide - Male RearDark Elf Hide - Male Side

Dark Elf 3

Dark Elf Leather - Female FrontDark Elf Leather - Female RearDark Elf Leather - Female SideDark Elf Leather - Male FrontDark Elf Leather - Male RearDark Elf Leather - Male Side

Dark Elf 4

Dunmer Rubedo Leather - Female FrontDunmer Rubedo Leather - Female BackDunmer Rubedo Leather - Female RightDunmer Rubedo Leather - Male FrontDunmer Rubedo Leather - Male BackDunmer Rubedo Leather - Male Right

Dragon Priest

Dragon Priest Rubedo Leather - Female FrontDragon Priest Rubedo Leather - Female RearDragon Priest Rubedo Leather - Female SideDragon Priest Rubedo Leather - Male FrontDragon Priest Rubedo Leather - Male RearDragon Priest Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Draugr Rubedo Leather - Female FrontDraugr Rubedo Leather - Female BackDraugr Rubedo Leather - Female SideDraugr Rubedo Leather - Male FrontDraugr Rubedo Leather - Male BackDraugr Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Dreadhorn Rubedo Leather - Female FrontDreadhorn Rubedo Leather - Female BackDreadhorn Rubedo Leather - Female SideDreadhorn Rubedo Leather - Male FrontDreadhorn Rubedo Leather - Male BackDreadhorn Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Dro-m'Athra Rubedo Leather - Female FrontDro-m'Athra Rubedo Leather - Female BackDro-m'Athra Rubedo Leather - Female SideDro-m'Athra Rubedo Leather - Male FrontDro-m'Athra Rubedo Leather - Male BackDro-m'Athra Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Dwemer Rubedo - Female FrontDwemer Rubedo - Female BackDwemer Rubedo - Female SideDwemer Rubedo - Male FrontDwemer Rubedo - Male BackDwemer Rubedo - Male Side


Ebonheart Pact

EP Rubedo Medium Normal Female FrontEP Rubedo Medium Normal Female RearEP Rubedo Medium Normal Female R SideEP-Rubedo-Normal-Male-FrontEP-Rubedo-Normal-Male-RearEP-Rubedo-Normal-Male-L-Side


Ebonshadow Rubedo Leather - Female FrontEbonshadow Rubedo Leather - Female BackEbonshadow Rubedo Leather - Female SideEbonshadow Rubedo Leather - Male FrontEbonshadow Rubedo Leather - Male BackEbonshadow Rubedo Leather - Male Side

Ebony (New)

Ebony Rubedo Leather - Female FrontEbony Rubedo Leather - Female BackEbony Rubedo Leather - Female SideEbony Rubedo Leather - Male FrontEbony Rubedo Leather - Male BackEbony Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Fang Lair


Fang Lair Rubedo Leather - Female FrontFang Lair Rubedo Leather - Female RearFang Lair Rubedo Leather - Female SideFang Lair Rubedo Leather - Male FrontFang Lair Rubedo Leather - Male RearFang Lair Rubedo Leather - Male Side



Glass Rubedo - Female FrontGlass Rubedo - Female BackGlass Rubedo - Female SideGlass Rubedo - Male FrontGlass Rubedo - Male BackGlass Rubedo - Male Side

Grim Harlequin

Grim Harlequin Rubedo Leather - Female FrontGrim Harlequin Rubedo Leather - Female BackGrim Harlequin Rubedo Leather - Female SideGrim Harlequin Rubedo Leather - Male FrontGrim Harlequin Rubedo Leather - Male BackGrim Harlequin Rubedo Leather - Male Side


High Elf 1

Altmer Rawhide - Female FrontAltmer Rawhide - Female BackAltmer Rawhide - Female SideAltmer Rawhide - Male FrontAltmer Rawhide - Male BackAltmer Rawhide - Male Side

High Elf 2

Altmer Hide - Female FrontAltmer Hide - Female BackAltmer Hide - Female SideAltmer Hide - Male FrontAltmer Hide - Male BackAltmer Hide - Male Side

High Elf 3

High Elf LEather - Female FrontHigh Elf LEather - Female RearHigh Elf LEather - Female SideHigh Elf LEather - Male FrontHigh Elf LEather - Male RearHigh Elf LEather - Male Side

High Elf 4

Altmer Rubedo Leather - Female FrontAltmer Rubedo Leather - Female BackAltmer Rubedo Leather - Female RightAltmer Rubedo Leather - Male FrontAltmer Rubedo Leather - Male BackAltmer Rubedo Leather - Male Right




Hollowjack Rubedo Leather - Female FrontHollowjack Rubedo Leather - Female BackHollowjack Rubedo Leather - Female SideHollowjack Rubedo Leather - Male FrontHollowjack Rubedo Leather - Male BackHollowjack Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Imperial 1

Imperial Rawhide - Female FrontImperial Rawhide - Female BackImperial Rawhide - Female SideImperial Rawhide - Male FrontImperial Rawhide - Male BackImperial Rawhide - Male Side

Imperial 2

Imperial Hide - Female FrontImperial Hide - Female RearImperial Hide - Female SideImperial Hide - Male FrontImperial Hide - Male RearImperial Hide - Male Side

Imperial 3

Imperial Leather - Female FrontImperial Leather - Female RearImperial Leather - Female SideImperial Leather - Male FrontImperial Leather - Male RearImperial Leather - Male Side

Imperial 4

Imperial Rubedo Leather - Female FrontImperial Rubedo Leather - Female BackImperial Rubedo Leather - Female RightImperial Rubedo Leather - Male FrontImperial Rubedo Leather - Male BackImperial Rubedo Leather - Male Right


Khajiit 1

Khajiit Rawhide - Female FrontKhajiit Rawhide - Female BackKhajiit Rawhide - Female SideKhajiit Rawhide - Male FrontKhajiit Rawhide - Male BackKhajiit Rawhide - Male Side

Khajiit 2

Khajiit Hide - Female FrontKhajiit Hide - Female RearKhajiit Hide - Female SideKhajiit Hide - Male FrontKhajiit Hide - Male RearKhajiit Hide - Male Side

Khajiit 3

Khajiit Leather - Female FrontKhajiit Leather - Female RearKhajiit Leather - Female SideKhajiit Leather - Male FrontKhajiit Leather - Male RearKhajiit Leather - Male Side

Khajiit 4


Khajiit Rubedo Leather - Female FrontKhajiit Rubedo Leather - Female BackKhajiit Rubedo Leather - Female RightKhajiit Rubedo Leather - Male FrontKhajiit Rubedo Leather - Male BackKhajiit Rubedo Leather - Male Right



Malacath Rubedo - Female FrontMalacath Rubedo - Female BackMalacath Rubedo - Female SideMalacath Rubedo - Male FrontMalacath Rubedo - Male BackMalacath Rubedo - Male Side


Storm Master - Female FrontStorm Master - Female BackStorm Master - Female SideStorm Master - Male FrontStorm Master - Male BackStorm Master - Male Side


Mazzatun Rubedo Leather - Female FrontMazzatun Rubedo Leather - Female BackMazzatun Rubedo Leather - Female SideMazzatun Rubedo Leather - Male FrontMazzatun Rubedo Leather - Male BackMazzatun Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Mercenary Rubedo - Female FrontMercenary Rubedo - Female BackMercenary Rubedo - Female SideMercenary Rubedo - Male FrontMercenary Rubedo - Male BackMercenary Rubedo - Male Side

Militant Ordinator

Militant Ordinator Rubedo Leather - Female FrontMilitant Ordinator Rubedo Leather - Female BackMilitant Ordinator Rubedo Leather - Female SideMilitant Ordinator Rubedo Leather - Male FrontMilitant Ordinator Rubedo Leather - Male BackMilitant Ordinator Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Minotaur Rubedo Leather - Female FrontMinotaur Rubedo Leather - Female BackMinotaur Rubedo Leather - Female SideMinotaur Rubedo Leather - Male FrontMinotaur Rubedo Leather - Male BackMinotaur Rubedo Leather - Male Side

Morag Tong

Morag Tong Rubedo Leather - Female FrontMorag Tong Rubedo Leather - Female BackMorag Tong Rubedo Leather - Female SideMorag Tong Rubedo Leather - Male FrontMorag Tong Rubedo Leather - Male BackMorag Tong Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Nord 1

Nord Rawhide - Female FrontNord Rawhide - Female BackNord Rawhide - Female SideNord Rawhide - Male FrontNord Rawhide - Male BackNord Rawhide - Male Side

Nord 2

Nord Hide - Female FrontNord Hide - Female RearNord Hide - Female SideNord Hide - Male FrontNord Hide - Male RearNord Hide - Male Side

Nord 3

Nord Leather - Female FrontNord Leather - Female RearNord Leather - Female SideNord Leather - Male FrontNord Leather - Male RearNord Leather - Male Side

Nord 4

Nord Rubedo Leather - Female FrontNord Rubedo Leather - Female BackNord Rubedo Leather - Female RightNord Rubedo Leather - Male FrontNord Rubedo Leather - Male BackNord Rubedo Leather - Male Right


Orc 1

Orc Rawhide - Female FrontOrc Rawhide - Female BackOrc Rawhide - Female SideOrc Rawhide - Male FrontOrc Rawhide - Male BackOrc Rawhide - Male Side

Orc 2

Orc Hide - Female FrontOrc Hide - Female RearOrc Hide - Female SideOrc Hide - Male FrontOrc Hide - Male RearOrc Hide - Male Side

Orc 3

Orc Leather - Female FrontOrc Leather - Female RearOrc Leather - Female SideOrc Leather - Male FrontOrc Leather - Male RearOrc Leather - Male Side

Orc 4

Orc Rubedo Leather - Female FrontOrc Rubedo Leather - Female BackOrc Rubedo Leather - Female RightOrc Rubedo Leather - Male FrontOrc Rubedo Leather - Male BackOrc Rubedo Leather - Male Right

Order of the Hour

Order of the Hour Rubedo Leather - Female FrontOrder of the Hour Rubedo Leather - Female BackOrder of the Hour Rubedo Leather - Female SideOrder of the Hour Rubedo Leather - Male FrontOrder of the Hour Rubedo Leather - Male BackOrder of the Hour Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Outlaw Rubedo - Female FrontOutlaw Rubedo - Female BackOutlaw Rubedo - Female SideOutlaw Rubedo - Male FrontOutlaw Rubedo - Male BackOutlaw Rubedo - Male Side



Primal Rubedo - Female FrontPrimal Rubedo - Female BackPrimal Rubedo - Female SidePrimal Rubedo - Male FrontPrimal Rubedo - Male BackPrimal Rubedo - Male Side


Ra Gada

Ra Gad Rubedo Leather - Female FrontRa Gad Rubedo Leather - Female BackRa Gad Rubedo Leather - Female SideRa Gad Rubedo Leather - Male FrontRa Gad Rubedo Leather - Male BackRa Gad Rubedo Leather - Male Side

Reach Winter

Briarheart - Female FrontBriarheart - Female BackBriarheart - Female SideBriarheart - Male FrontBriarheart - Male BackBriarheart - Male Side

Redguard 1

Redguard Rawhide - Female FrontRedguard Rawhide - Female BackRedguard Rawhide - Female SideRedguard Rawhide - Male FrontRedguard Rawhide - Male BackRedguard Rawhide - Male Side

Redguard 2

Redguard Hide - Female FrontRedguard Hide - Female BackRedguard Hide - Female SideRedguard Hide - Male FrontRedguard Hide - Male BackRedguard Hide - Male Side

Redguard 3


Redguard Leather - Female FrontRedguard Leather - Female RearRedguard Leather - Female SideRedguard Leather - Male FrontRedguard Leather - Male RearRedguard Leather - Male Side

Redguard 4

Redguard Rubedo Leather - Female FrontRedguard Rubedo Leather - Female BackRedguard Rubedo Leather - Female RightRedguard Rubedo Leather - Male FrontRedguard Rubedo Leather - Male BackRedguard Rubedo Leather - Male Right




Silken Ring

Silken Ring Rubedo Leather - Female FrontSilken Ring Rubedo Leather - Female BackSilken Ring Rubedo Leather - Female SideSilken Ring Rubedo Leather - Male FrontSilken Ring Rubedo Leather - Male BackSilken Ring Rubedo Leather - Male Side


Skinchanger (New)

Skinchanger - Female FrontSkinchanger - Female BackSkinchanger - Female SideSkinchanger - Male FrontSkinchanger - Male BackSkinchanger - Male Side

Skinchanger (Old)

Savior's Hide Medium - Female FrontSavior's Hide Medium - Female BackSavior's Hide Medium - Female SideSavior's Hide Medium - Male FrontSavior's Hide Medium - Male BackSavior's Hide Medium - Male Side

Soul Shriven

Soul-Shriven Rubedo - Female FrontSoul-Shriven Rubedo - Female BackSoul-Shriven Rubedo - Female SideSoul-Shriven Rubedo - Male FrontSoul-Shriven Rubedo - Male BackSoul-Shriven Rubedo - Male Side

Stahlrim Frostcaster

Stahlrim Frostcaster Rubedo Leather - Female FrontStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedo Leather - Female BackStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedo Leather - Female SideStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedo Leather - Male FrontStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedo Leather - Male BackStahlrim Frostcaster Rubedo Leather - Male Side





Thieves Guild

Thieves Guild Rubedo - Female FrontThieves Guild Rubedo - Female BackThieves Guild Rubedo - Female SideThieves Guild Rubedo - Male FrontThieves Guild Rubedo - Male BackThieves Guild Rubedo - Male Side



Trinimac Rubedo - Female FrontTrinimac Rubedo - Female BackTrinimac Rubedo - Female SideTrinimac Rubedo - Male FrontTrinimac Rubedo - Male BackTrinimac Rubedo - Male Side



Wood Elf 1

Bosmer Rawhide - Female FrontBosmer Rawhide - Female BackBosmer Rawhide - Female SideBosmer Rawhide - Male FrontBosmer Rawhide - Male BackBosmer Rawhide - Male Side

Wood Elf 2

Wood Elf Hide - Female FrontWood Elf Hide - Female RearWood Elf Hide - Female SideWood Elf Hide - Male FrontWood Elf Hide - Male RearWood Elf Hide - Male Side

Wood Elf 3

Wood Elf Leather - Female FrontWood Elf Leather - Female RearWood Elf Leather - Female SideWood Elf Leather - Male FrontWood Elf Leather - Male RearWood Elf Leather - Male Side


Wood Elf 4

Bosmer Rubedo Leather - Female FrontBosmer Rubedo Leather - Female BackBosmer Rubedo Leather - Female RightBosmer Rubedo Leather - Male FrontBosmer Rubedo Leather - Male BackBosmer Rubedo Leather - Male Right


Worm Cult (New)

Worm Cult Rubedo Leather - Female FrontWorm Cult Rubedo Leather - Female RearWorm Cult Rubedo Leather - Female SideWorm Cult Rubedo Leather - Male FrontWorm Cult Rubedo Leather - Male RearWorm Cult Rubedo Leather - Male Side



Xivkyn Rubedo Leather - Female FrontXivkyn Rubedo Leather - Female BackXivkyn Rubedo Leather - Female SideXivkyn Rubedo Leather - Male FrontXivkyn Rubedo Leather - Male BackXivkyn Rubedo Leather - Male Side



Yokudan Rubedo Leather - Female FrontYokudan Rubedo Leather - Female BackYokudan Rubedo Leather - Female SideYokudan Rubedo Leather - Male FrontYokudan Rubedo Leather - Male BackYokudan Rubedo Leather - Male Side



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