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Crafted Heavy Armor (by style)

This page organizes heavy armor posts so you can see how a particular style changes from material tier to material tier. Click on a thumbnail to view larger images.

Abah’s Watch


Aldmeri Dominion

Ancient Elf

Ancient Orc




Assassins League




Buoyant Armiger



Daggerfall Covenant

Dark Brotherhood

Dark Elf





Ebonheart Pact




Grim Harlequin

High Elf








Militant Ordinator


Morag Tong



Order of the Hour



Ra Gada



Silken Ring


Soul Shriven

Stalhrim Frostcaster


Thieves Guild


Wood Elf

Worm Cult



  • AVTuffGong

    I can’t seem to understand how underrated Breton Heavy armour is. I didnt see a single comment liking Breton. I think, by beauty and badassness, goes Breton….empty spaces….Imperial….empty spacessssss……everything else. Later i will post my golden red breton set

    • Word. My Covenant loyalist will wear nothing else, though she does wear the Khajiit heavy helm because her nickname is “the Lioness”.

      I’ve always loved barrel helms, too, so most of my tanks will wear the Breton helm. It’s great.

  • youngfool

    ESO has the most boring, ugly, uninspirational armour models ever, makes me want to puke.

    • stop trollin you troll….no food for you…shoo, go back under your bridge!

    • James

      I love ESO, but yeah, these are quite disappointing.

    • eh eh eh

      don’t forget most of the elderscrolls games, they usually have rather un-inspirational armors…. in fact, in my opinion, most armor in games are typically un
      -inspirational… though there is the thought that some may complain about the lacking functionality and other tidbits when it comes to them being less real than they are currently.

  • The dash

    I would like the rune kiteshield please.

    • Tawelwch

      like from Runescape?

  • The Redguard and Primal tabs both have Primal armour. Just so’s you know.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks. Copy and paste error. It’s fixed now.

  • Donovan Long


  • Niccol’o Machiavelli

    Is it just my phone or is there no pics, or information on how to get the Akaviri Armour? I heard it looks like a samurai set and will indeed blow anyone who can get it for me katana included! Please

  • Courtney

    I don’t think all the armors are ugly, glass is beautiful ! : )

    • Khaled almohisen

      what is your dye color?

      • Nyxocity

        That’s my character in the image. The dyes I use are Lamae White and Cold Harbor Ash Black

  • Exidrial

    I think I like breton and dunmer best but why do all the different matierials look the same?Well yeah they look kind of different but then again kind of same.I mean look at the orc armor…where is the sense of profression?

  • Edmond Lash

    I have this, the Heavy looks like the medium ancient orc but with cool mouth pieces and better horns. I wear it as my main and the Hircine one for fun lol that should be a style next.

  • IrradiantFlux

    Male Fashion, Heavy Armor.. It’s not really helpful to females, but then again, my boyfriend sent me the link to this so perhaps he wanted me to ooh and ahh over his armor likes. Who knows?

  • IrradiantFlux

    Hmm. The styles look much better on male characters, and that’s rather obvious since it’s a male centric mmorpg. I do wish that the devs would bring the old style of Orc Heavy Armor for females back into play. It looked much better than any other heavy armor I’ve seen.

    • Will

      What do you mean “male centric”? I think the look of the female sets might look slightly better if the body shape was different.

      • IrradiantFlux

        I mean that the game is, at the core, drawn more or less for a male character. For example, if you look at the costumes in the crown store, they have a basic shape. That shape, in the torso it’s most noticeable, is a man’s physique. Broad shoulders/narrow hips. However, instead of conforming to the shape you’ve given to your character as items should, your character’s body conforms to the shape of the costumes. It’s the same with gear in game. I’ve noticed that my character has a larger bust in heavy armor, almost no bust in medium (bosmer especially), and that the waist looks a bit thicker in light. It’s mostly about the style armor of course, and each style and weight has a different shape that the character you’ve created must conform to. It’s a lazy way of writing the code, but some games take that route. It’s unfortunate. Though most gamers won’t notice what’s wrong. They might notice something is off in the appearance of their character but unless they’re more observant than average, they won’t see that their character is being stuffed into pre-shaped gear.

        • getoveryourself

          I think you’re like a lot of typical young women in that you can’t stand it if you don’t have something to complain about. Nothing about any elder scrolls games have ever been male centric in that women have all the same powers, equipment and armor. In fact I’d say that elder scrolls games are the best games for women because our characters aren’t objectified by having having a metal bikini thrust upon us and called armor. Please find something worthwhile to complain about and stop making all of us female gamers look whiny and nitpicky.

        • Narik Ashtar

          I was almost under the impression that your statement was nothing short of an attempt at stirring the pot with Feminist crap, then I took the time to read a little more before judging and realized what you were really trying to say.

          What you say is true. Whenever I log into the game, all players near my character take a while to load. Until then, they are nothing but pure black, textureless forms. More specifically, that of a human male. When the textures do show, some of them turn into females, Argonians, Khajiit… which goes to show that the base model for all races and whatnot are that of a human male and that gender and race are nothing more than mesh and texture. This pretty much reinforces your statement.

          On another note, I also know that armor simply becomes a texture (or mesh) replacement for the character, which is why armor always look flat. In other words, the armor conforms to the body of the character …it’s just that your character’s body isn’t what it seems.

          • Woop

            I must respectfully say sir, that you are completely wrong. While yes, the basic shape does consist with a traditional male appearance (bald and flat-chested), the crotch lacks the shape of a penis and therefore it can only be assumed that the basic black model has a vagina.

            I believe the basic black model is progressive because it displays an androgynous character with a flat chest, baldness and a vagina. In other words, the appearance of the average Tumblr-user.

          • 島風


        • Jade Black.

          They had to chose a default wire frame. They chose male because it’s just easier to draw. Men have less curves, their shapes are more boxy, it’s much more easy to model and sketch convincingly.

          Women are rounded, feminine, they have *more* shapes. If they modeled to suit the larger amount of shapes it’d mean more time, rather than just tailoring the maps of armour to have a certain flexibility in how they look by scaling *down* everything that isn’t the chest. Maintaining the texture resolution.

          Your character doesn’t conform to anything outside of the crown store, when it does it’s usually because they’re either thick or corseted. For example the noblewoman dress leaves my nord looking like her arms are huge and her body is heavily compacted.

          This is the issue with looking at things with a gendered lense, you can’t see them as anything but an extension of gender politics. An abstract concept that relies on several unproven premises.

    • Mike Mirabile

      I’m sure there are good armor types for both

      • IrradiantFlux

        Orc/Redguard are the best I’ve seen for females. Though, I believe Xivkin might be better to look at since the changes were made to Orc/Redguard.

        • lion575a

          Altmer Looks pretty good from Steel onwards.

    • Derpasaur

      I’m going to have to object.The whole boob-formed breastplate is highly impractical in terms of armor, and realistically functional armor isn’t going to meld against a female’s chest like that. While it may be shaped slightly different for someone with a large bust, armor “for females” basically looks like armor “for males”. There shouldn’t be any sort of boob-mold like some of the armors have. The ones that look “drawn for a male character” really aren’t that gender specific. If you ran into battle with metal formed around your boobs in neat little cup shapes, you’d be cracking your sternum with ease. So, really, it’s almost more “male centric” to have the armors that do form to the female body as highly as they do in some of the armor sets for the sex appeal than it is to have them all be one general form.

      • infamous

        Meh, none of the elven armours look elegant and sleek enough. I liked the one in Skyrim. Doesn’t look like they have anything close to it. Which is shame because reminded me of Noldor elven armour.

  • Taylor

    Am willing to make armour for anyone that needs it. Let me know. Ps4 name xESCAPE-FATEx just message me.

    • Jakob Stoney

      Even rubedite?

  • Logan McCreedy

    looking for someone t make me a full set of assassins league heavy armor message me on xbox GT LXG Dragonskiss

  • Bub

    Does it really cost 130-150 rubidite to make champion 160 armour? Or is my game glitching?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Yes, it does. I just crafted a Level 50 Ch 160 Rubedite Axe on the PTS and it cost me 110 Rubedite Ingot. When I deconstructed it, I got 19 back.

  • Hvd

    im think about making a breton heavy armor nightblade or sorc any magica heavy armor spell damage sets?

    • The Dark Gamer

      To be honest, bretons don’t make the best nightblades, especially DD, the breton race has a lot of lines for healing so they’re usually templars, and templar DDs are actually really powerful in the current meta. If you want to be a night blade i recommend dark elf, or khajit.


      • Hvd

        they arnt bad spell reduction and +15 to magica i believe if you arnt making a high elf breton is the next best choice.i wonder how a wood elf magica nightblade would be for ganking…lol

  • The Dark Gamer

    or people usually sell it in the ingame cghat

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