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Crafted Heavy Armor (by Material)

This page organizes heavy armor posts so you can see all styles for each material tier. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images for each set.

  • helen-louise

    I hope that ultimately, these preview pages will have both male and female thumbnails? Or, alternatively, there’ll be a separate preview for male and female?

    • Exiled Messenger

      This page is just meant as a link to the individual sets. Eventually, we will have male and female of every set, but it takes quite a bit of time to level two characters, especially since we are starting over from scratch.

      • helen-louise

        Well, of course – that’s why I said “ultimately” 🙂 I don’t expect it all to be up now!

  • Josh

    I have a male Breton. If you’d like, I could send in screenshots of him in heavy armor. As of now, he can wear all iron and steel pieces.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Absolutely! You can use the submit images links in the menu.

  • Carp

    If I can scrounge up the mats, I can work up to Quicksilver. Can only wear Calc though, but I have a couple VR5+ friends to help.

  • yumi

    I am so amazingly disappointed with the armor in this game. So ungodly ugly with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 of them. It’s all brown with a few splashes of faint color….just awful.

    • Nandan

      I think they are awesome. I don’t relate the Elder Scrolls series with loud or bright colours

    • yo momma

      are we playing the same game? the armour looks unreal

    • Syrinity Husky

      Seriously? This stuff looks awesome, better than most games by a wide stretch. Tons of variety.

    • Kyle Melder

      It’s made in Elder Scrolls fashion, not Japanese fantasy rpg unreal stuff. Thus, the Elder Scrolls Online. If you’ve played the Elder Scrolls games, I’m not sure what you were expecting.

  • loyheta

    Looks great! Will there be a gallery for the different tiers of each material? I know that they gain little accents or colors on each piece,e.g, straps or borders get colored differently. If you need any help let me know.

    • Exiled Messenger

      No. Click on one of the images and you can see the different armor sets for each material tier. Obviously, we don’t have every single quality yet.

  • Hirowyn

    I’m with the folks who like the armor just fine. I am seriously weary of cartoonish armor. I like the more realistic look of the ESO world, and I like the realistic(ish) looking armor that goes with it.

  • PhoenixCorp

    @ExiledMessenger:disqus I have just two words for you guys….THANK YOU !!!!!! This Website is exactly what I was looking for since I got my first motif. bye bye annoying fashion shows with a shitload of materials

    • Exiled Messenger

      You’re welcome.

      • Myself

        No, but seriously thank you. You’re a great help.

  • Danok

    It seems like the color of every armor has changed after the latest patch soo.. it defenetelty ruined th whole site her.

    • Exiled Messenger

      If you would read the side bar, you would see we’re working hard to update all the images. The site is not ruined.

      • mikolas

        creating a model program, with color options. this site would kick serious ass.

      • helen-louise

        I wouldn’t say the site was “ruined”, but it’s certainly added a load of work that you guys didn’t need!

  • Ghorbash

    What the hell happened to daedric voidsteel?

    • Me

      A better question would be: what the hell happened to ALL daedric armor in this game? It was always one of the best looking sets in the earlier games. Now it’s one of the cheesiest. I can’t believe the prices people are willing to pay for the ability to craft that stuff.

      • Ghorbash

        i like the daedric armour i just dont like the helmet

      • John

        I know diadric was always the best armour for me now they have recked it

      • GA

        Are you kidding? Daedric in Oblivion made you look like an enraged potbellied stove.

  • James

    You really need to delete the ones that are now irrelevant. I realize some stayed the same, but it’s so hard to tell which ones didn’t change and which ones you’re “working on”.

  • Khaz

    The artists have done a phenomenally effective job rendering the armors’ level through progressive intricacy and detail. I believe the work is unmatched by anything attempted before it.

    • Brian Silvi

      Sorry cutie, Lineage II.

  • mrsoad316

    These are all completely useless to me because I’m a large orc male and 95% of them are shown on tiny thin women.

    • Exiled Messenger

      74 out of 116 images on this page are males. My math may be off, but I think that’s significantly less than 95% of them being on tiny thin women.

    • You can help too, you know, instead of complaining

    • Ryan

      How am I supposed to look like all these beautiful women!? ;(

    • Titan_Zero_Six

      One what you should do is, create your own or have sommone make you several sets, at different levels when metals changes and take screen shots, that way everyone can see what your armor looks like and you would be helping the next guy

  • Jiggilydo

    Dear god! LOVE the breton armor. Pay4datarmor.

  • Ritzey

    Why is it when i craft the orc armor set and put it on my female toon it looks like the male set?

    • Witcher5688

      because they changed the orc and redguard models.

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