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Serenity Falls Estate

Set in a quiet corner of Reaper’s March, the rural manor of Serenity Falls deserves its name, with plenty of room for servants and livestock, all behind a handsome wall to keep out the bandits and burglars.

  • Cost: 3,775,000 gold
  • Cost (Unfurnished/Furnished): 10,000/12,500 Crowns
  • Size: Manor
  • Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
  • Prerequisite: Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion
  • Max # of Furnishings: 350 / 700 (ESO+)
  • Trophy Collectibles: 40 / 80 (ESO+)
  • Other Collectibles: 5 / 10 (ESO+)
  • Max # of Characters: 24
  • Location: S’ren-ja, Reaper’s March