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Crafted Medium Armor (by style)

This page organizes medium armor posts so you can see how a particular style changes from material tier to material tier. Click on a motif name to expand the selection. Then click on a thumbnail to view larger images.

  • brayker

    The most evil orginization . . . maksing as the daedra. . . COOOOBBBRRRRAAAAAAA!!!!!

    • Erron Hail

      HAHA! Your right it does look like Cobra!

  • Toni Tha Tigaa

    Where would I find daedra hearts?

    • Chests etc in Veteran rank areas. Quite rare

    • Jay

      If your on Xbox one there is a guild store I’m cold harbor called kingly gaming they always have 20 or more daedra hearts for sale every day

  • Cario

    Crafted Medium Armor (by style) page is empty.

  • Asheliah

    The page is suddenly empty, the pictures were here 2 days ago or so. Please bring them back, I can’t craft new armor without checking it out here

    • Exiled Messenger

      I can’t recreate this problem, but I re-sized some of the images to make the page smaller. If you still can’t see the images, try clearing your browser cache.

      • Asheliah

        Thank you very much, I can see them now^^

        • Exiled Messenger

          Excellent, I hope that’s a permanent fix for the problem.

  • Karl Simpson

    Can we get categories like: Race:Gender,[Aswell As],Style:Type.
    Because the human/dunmer/bosmer are completely different…

  • Morgan Morris

    Why is Altmer in the place of Barbaric?

  • Carter Vair

    What type of armor does Aelif wear? She is the Khajiit in the Covenant fighters guild

    • Kaylee

      She wears a special type of Yokudan armor that cannot be crafted. There are special (and very rare) sets that boast the Yokudan style that you can find in PVP, however.

      • DaGhostDS

        That’s Akaviri not Yokudan, the motif will come with Orsinium. Chapters will be sold by the PVP alliance vendors.

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