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Grymharth’s Woe

Fine urban living in Windhelm is now available at this commodious town home, which features a lofty main floor, two fireplaces, and a second-floor balcony. Alas, that balcony lacks a railing, which is how Grymharth, after too much mead, came to woe.

  • Cost: 280,000 gold
  • Cost (Unfurnished/Furnished): 3800/4800 Crowns
  • Size: Medium
  • Race: Nord
  • Prerequisite: Blood Feud
  • Max # of Furnishings: 200 / 400 (ESO+)
  • Trophy Collectibles: 10 / 20 (ESO+)
  • Other Collectibles: 3 / 6 (ESO+)
  • Max # of Characters: 12
  • Location: Windhelm, Eastmarch

  • Frank Boutilier

    Does this property have a yard? If so, this is the house I am buying, love this style.

    • Exiled Messenger


    • Tyrus Kelebon

      Pretty sure it has a back yard

  • Josh Perry

    Can you customize the outside at all? Maybe take down the laundry on that clothesline? haha

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