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Cyrodilic Jungle House

An Imperial, of course, is at home anywhere in Tamriel. This compact house at the Baandari Trading Post in Malabal Tor is a bit of Cyrodiil in Valenwood, and just steps away from the fine food and drink at the Silver Moons Inn.

  • Cost: 71,000 gold
  • Cost (Unfurnished/Furnished): 2550/3200 Crowns
  • Size: Small
  • Race: Imperial
  • Prerequisite: Imperial Edition
  • Max # of Furnishings: 100 / 200 (ESO+)
  • Trophy Collectibles: 5 / 10 (ESO+)
  • Other Collectibles: 2 / 4 (ESO+)
  • Max # of Characters: 6
  • Location: Baandari Trading Post, Malabal Tor