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Dwarven Oil

  • Cozakwarrior

    where do you obtain this item in eso? bought, dropped, so on?? thx. Cozakwarrior

    • JeffColorado

      Tempers cannot be bought from vendors and do not drop as loot. You only get them from deconstructing stuff or from refining raw materials.

  • You have to break blue items to get blue tempers. Ie blacksmith breaks a blue item of any level and has a chance to gain a blue temper which can then be used to upgrade existing items from green to blue.

    • JeffColorado

      You can get them merely from refining raw material also. I have not deconstructed any blue items so far, but I have two of these at level 13.

      • You need one point in the refining skill to get blue tempers 2 points to get purple and 3 points to get gold. I did not mention this because it is very confusing to new players.

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