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Mounts and Pets


  • ItemSource
    Any Race, Any AllianceImperial Edition
    Crown Store
    Costume DyeingESO+ Subscriber
    Imperial RaceImperial Edition
    Crown Store
  • AssistantTypeSource
    Nuzhimeh the MerchantPurchases non-stolen goodsCrown Store
    Pirharri the SmugglerFences goodsComplete Thieves Guild questline
    Tythis Andromo, the BankerBanker (except Cyrodiil)Crown Store
  • ItemSource
    Almalexia's Enchanted LanternAssisting Almalexia
    Battered Bear TrapExploring Toothmouth Gully
    Blackfeather Court WhistleExploring Crow's Wood
    Blade of the Blood OathAttaining the title of Bane of the Gold Coast and performing a blood oath
    Bonesnap Binding StoneExploring the Bonesnap Ruins
    Box of Forbidden RelicsSuccessfully attaining the Flawless Sacrament achievement and performing the Black Sacrament
    Coin of Illusory RichesBecoming a Master Thief
    Discourse AmaranthineExploring the Vile Manse
    Fetish of AngerExploring the Obsidian Scar
    Finvar's TrinketExploring Bad Man's Hollow
    Glanir's Smoke BombExploring the Crimson Cove
    Hidden Pressure VentExploring the ruins of Rkindaleft
    Justal's FalconExploring the Lion's Den
    Lena's Wand of FindingExploring the Shad Astula
    Lordorr's CrownExploring the Hall of the Dead
    Malacath's Wrathful FlameExploring Old Orsinium
    Mezha-dro's Sealing AmuletExploring the Village of the Lost
    Nanwen's SwordExploring Rulanyil's Fall
    Nirnroot WineHelping to make Nirnroot Wine in Cyrodiil
    Questionable Meat SackExploring the Forgotten Crypts
    Sanguine's GobletExploring Sanguine's Demesne
    Token of Root SunderExploring Root Sunder
    Yokudan TotemExploring the Lost City of the Na-Totambu
  • EmoteChat CodeSource
    Admire Me/admiremeCrown Store
    Belly Laugh/bellylaughMorrowind: Collector's Edition
    Go Quietly/goquietlyMorrowind: Collector's Edition
    Kiss This/kissthisMorrowind: Collector's Edition
    Muscle Flex/flexCrown Store
    Teatime/teatimeMorrowind: Collector's Edition

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