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Crafted Light Armor (by style)

This page organizes light armor posts so you can see how a particular style changes from material tier to material tier. Click on a thumbnail to view larger images.

Abah’s Watch


Aldmeri Dominion

Ancient Elf

Ancient Orc




Assassins League




Buoyant Armiger



Daggerfall Covenant

Dark Brotherhood

Dark Elf





Ebonheart Pact




Grim Harlequin

High Elf








Militant Ordinator


Morag Tong



Order of the Hour



Ra Gada



Silken Ring


Soul Shriven

Stalhrim Frostcaster


Thieves Guild


Wood Elf

Worm Cult



  • Dzikus

    Good work budy ! 😀

  • Chaku

    Now, if we only you could somehow link these posts together, so say I could cycle from one race to next, or one tier to another… this would make this great site even greater!

  • Guest

    I hope you add the color thingy. Because the color of these armors are based on Quality. like for example a green quality full leather medium altmer armor is white, when its upgraded to blue quality, it will changed to gold trim and gray-ish armor. Thanks though!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Yes, we know. If you click on some of the later level sets you can see people have been submitting sets of different qualities. Most of the lower level sets don’t have this yet, because no one wants to waste the mats.

  • disqus_LgQd52tuiI

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for exactly this! No more wasting mats just to see what the different styles look like.

  • Technomancer55

    Wow! Thanks For Putting This All Together 😀 Its Been An Indispensable Resource For Crafting!

  • DaGhostDS

    According to a post from a dev yesterday, we are going to get a few veteran rank armor changes, so dont put too much work on rank 1-10 armors, they might get changed, focus on level 1-50, keep up the good work.

  • Eddp

    Quite disappointer with the VR10 light Daedric armor set, it’s basically the same from blue quality to legendary :/

  • Seferis

    I’m really enjoying these armors. No more scantily clad female armor, and big ass shoulder pads (WoW).

  • Elija Firebrand

    Is it me or does redguard light look the best by far than any of them?

    • streetysweety

      The redguard is by far my favorite

      • Redguard is beautiful, yes! But the shoulder placement on some of the mid-higher levels of armour is awful! (i.e. floating so high) I hope they adjust it in future. If you agree please submit feedback/bug in-game or otherwise.

        • Elija Firebrand

          All shoulders are messed up.

      • Elija Firebrand

        And it’s very common so win win.

  • Elija Firebrand


  • Dagma O’Neill

    Totally agree!

  • Josef Tauser

    I still wish there were more pants or skirt options for female light armour. Fighting in ankle length robes doesn’t seem very practical in combat; you’d end up tripping over your own hem.

  • Elija Firebrand

    All armor got updated time to start over!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Yes, if you read the side bar under Recent Site Changes you can see how far we’ve gotten.

      • Elija Firebrand

        Yes yes I just think it’s funny 🙂

        • Exiled Messenger

          I don’t. I’ve put an enormous amount of time and effort into this site.

          • Elija Firebrand

            Not even a little bit funny? In an ironic sort of way?

          • jp_antill

            Honestly it’s hugely appreciated as I find this site a very valuable resource so thank you for your work!

            One thing I always wondered though is why Zenimax cant just provide you with a full set screenshots of every armour? Have you tried asking one of the CSRs to do so?

          • Exiled Messenger

            Thanks. 🙂

            I’ve never asked. Honestly, I never thought to ask because I assumed it was something they wouldn’t be allowed to do.

          • jp_antill

            They may not be allowed but if you dont ask you dont get :-). I’d try via one of the community representatives like Gina Bruno ([email protected]) or Jessica Folsom ([email protected]).

          • Exiled Messenger


    • Just remember it was just as much a bug-fix as well as an update (re the armour changes). Better a little pain now than more later I think, as they would have found the bug eventually.

      • Elija Firebrand

        Agree, still surprised no one finds it even a bit ironically funny though :p Oh and CAPES!

  • Cyrene

    Help! There’s a bosmer jack I have seen in-game that I cannot find captured anywhere here (pre or post 1.1.2) – assuming its medium weight bosmer as it’s cropped, but I could be wrong. It’s neither rawhide or hide and I’ve only seen it on higher levels. Any ideas?

  • Alala

    I didn’t read all the messages, so someone may have already said this, but you placed the Breton images for Shadowspun under the Bosmer section. Great job on the site by the way!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks, corrected now.

  • JOnEB4EvR

    Hey EM just checking in to see if you got my submissions. Imperial silverweave superior. As well as my 2nd submission for Imperial quicksilver. Normal through fine. I’m not getting any kind of error after each submit. Just says Thanks and we’ll contact you with questions. Id like to contribute as much as I can. Let me know thanks. Love the site! Appreciate the hard work.

    • Exiled Messenger

      This is weird because I’m not even seeing an aborted form with your name on it. Even when we were having problems with the submission form a few weeks back, there would be something in there. Please try to send me something through the contact form and I’ll reply with the email address.

  • Dom

    Will the site be updated with Jerkins?

    • Chevie

      yay! excited about being able to create jerkins!!

    • Ding Dang Dinglywangwongerhong

      They’re basically robes without the skirt part. Just use the pictures on here for robes as a guide for what jerkins will look like. Any ‘flappy’ things like flaps that go over the crotch or at the hips will be a part of the jerkin.

      • Devolus

        Minus Daedric. The “breeches” for Daedric are actual skirts, not pants :(.

  • Alafin

    Jerkins? So will u also be able to craft like.. skirts?

  • DaGhostDS

    Breton Shadowspun is missing a link to his respective page. :p

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks, it’s fixed now.

  • PoeticNightmare

    Are these updated with the color changes from the Craglorn patch?

    • Devolus

      Every armor page will tell you whether the associated armor is updated post patch 1.1.2 or not

  • Andrew Quintana

    This… This website…. *tear rolls down cheek* is exactly what i was looking for. *voice cracking* Thank you…. so much

    • Exiled Messenger

      You’re welcome.

  • h2omid


  • Emile Verhoeven

    thanks man great help, though i wish someone would make some kind of filter system!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Why don’t you try the box on the side bar that says MULTIPLE CHOICE FILTER?

  • loyheta

    love your stuff like always. Any way you could do a male and female split so we could see, at a glance, what each look like on each?

    • Exiled Messenger

      No. You need to click on the thumbnails to see the male/female versions.

  • dank

    You have better luck finding out what your looking for using google image. This site is super outdated and not even close to having everything. Incoming exiled messenger rage.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Why did you feel the need to come onto my site and say that? Were you just hoping to get a rise out of me?

      • dank

        Well I was browsing through it and noticed a lot of your rude replies. When the site doesn’t have much of anything and very outdated. :/

        • Exiled Messenger

          I’m sorry you feel I am being rude to people, especially since I would never intentionally be rude to anyone.

          As for everything being outdated, there isn’t much I can do about ZOS changing the colors of every set of armor every other patch. I’m doing my best to keep up with it, but it’s impossible for one person to craft all 4680-ish versions of the armor and weapons by themselves repeatedly. I have to rely on help from the community, which has dropped of significantly over the past month and a half.

          • Joseph

            Thank you for having this site. Just delete the trolls comments and ban him if you can. I wouldn’t even bother responding to him.

          • Exiled Messenger

            Thanks. 🙂

  • Maggi

    nice site tyvm! Good work.

  • Cahlann

    Appreciate this site very much and the effort put forth to create it. Thank you!!!!!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you.

  • LunarMynx

    Style is most important since colors can be changed now. You’re doing a great job and it is appreciated.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you.

  • Kakugo

    This is an excellent collection of data that I can use to get an idea of what I want my set gear to look like. Thank you for your work.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you for the kind words. Just what I needed after some absuive comments. 🙂

  • Shalene Fugett

    Thanks for the site!! I use this all the time!!

  • Menkyo

    Thank you for keeping this going! I still use this site to decide what mix of styles I’m going to craft.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks. I wish I had more time to get pics myself, but I’ve over-extended myself with the number of games we cover and have to rely on others to supply images more than I anticipated.

  • Eryndae

    I have yet to craft *any gear without checking here! Ty so much!!

    • Exiled Messenger


  • Morgan Morimont

    Let me start off by saying that this site is flipping awesome! Making clothing and armor in ESO is kinda like a box of chocolates and it can be very frustrating when resources are limited. This really makes it easier to make something decent than trying to roll the dice and just see how things turn out so THANK YOU! Anyway, I have been spending a lot of time with another player for some time now and our characters have become somewhat of RP partners/lover. He has mentioned in passing that he has a Pledge of Mara that can be used only once, so.. in the event that he decides that I am worthy of it, I would like to surprise him with a nice, sexy/elegant wedding gown, if possible. Any suggestions? Style? I’m not master clothing-maker so the more specifics, the better. Pictures would help too! Thanks.

  • Allien Dark Cloud

    The fact that you made this site is beyond amazing. Thank you!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you.

  • r0se

    I wish there were high level armor sets well suited to warm climates. While much of the game is set in warm places, we have to be all bundled up all the time. Only Khajit offers women a nice dress that does not cover every inch our bodies. Thank you for putting this site together.

  • I’ve sent some new armour styles in recently, but they’re not used it seems. Is the site not being updated anymore?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Please see the side bar where it says I am traveling and will be back later today. I’ll start catching up on submissions tomorrow.

  • Will

    Thank you so much! This site is very helpful 🙂

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you! Glad you’re finding it useful

  • RandomArgonian

    Thanks, really helps me pick a style that fits with my charactar, can’t thank you enough :).

    • Exiled Messenger

      You’re welcome.

  • Leorin

    This is an amazing and thoughtful site, for many, many reasons. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into it.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you. We couldn’t do it without support from the community.

  • emrys

    If i want to be a dark elf , do i have to use dark elf styles ?

    • Exiled Messenger

      No, you can wear any style of crafted armor.

  • AJP

    awesome thanks… the descriptions in game aren’t enough

  • mark

    Came designer of WOW and said “all draw a tick, it is checked, and so come down!”

  • Raid Boss Morde

    If I wanted to craft… Breton or Daedric armor, how far into the game do I have to be? Yes, I’m still a noob, but is that ONLY lategame armor? Currently, I’m a level 19 Dark Elf Sorcerer, and I’m getting sick of all of these ugly armors I’m getting. I still haven’t even found a hood to wear.

    • Exiled Messenger

      As a Breton, you could craft Breton armor immediately. Any other race needs to find a Breton crafting motif. Those drop from chests, drawers, etc. You can also purchase it from another player or from a guild store. Daedric is a little more complicated since it seems to only drop in Veteran Rank areas.

      You can also purchase all motifs on the Crown Store.

      • Raid Boss Morde

        Thanks for the reply! I have found ONE single motif so far, and it was a Dark Elf one, so I can’t fo anything with it 🙁 is it worth buying one of those motifs off the store? I just like Breton because of its look, I’m not sure how good it’s usability is though.

        • Exiled Messenger

          You can’t purchase the basic motifs singly anymore. You have to purchase all of the Covenant races to get Breton. I would hold off a bit because they are pretty easy to obtain without paying real money in the Crown Store.

          • Seth Forsman

            That’s not accurate. You can buy individual motifs from guild traders.

          • Chuck

            He was accurate, he was asking about purchasing from the store, not the guild traders.

          • Slayer

            you can also have people make it for you some people will charge a fee others just ask you supply the mats.

  • Toney Ray Garner

    this style site is good but it would be nicer if the images had the item in question by it self like the hood by it self for easy reference for dummy’s like me so we do not have to do our oun lists

  • Nicolas Giannettini

    i dont look this style please give me a link ..

  • sli1209

    Did they change the altmer light gear? I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like my Kresh robe, and then realized mine is missing the tail looking part in the front and back?

  • Seb As

    Yeah they have been tinkering with the armors a bit here and there without mentioning it in natch potes.. kind of annoying when they change a dye pattern and make some of my favorite pieces look terrible.

  • Chris

    Why have you not included Voidcloth?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Sets that use Voidcloth are called Shadowspun.

      • Chris

        I see. Thanks

  • Sireva

    Heads up for khajiit players interested in buying the glass the glass motif with Crowns or gold.

    Light shoulders are broken, and after a long dialogue with zeni they pretty much flat out said they werent gonna bother doing anything about it.

    Generally, if you play a khajiit in this game, youre skeeverdroppings out of luck with Glass, imperial and redguard motifs. (+ the corsetted riding outfit)

    • What happens when a Khajiit wears them? Do their ears disappear, or their snout? The tail gets clipped? 🙂 I’m curious.

      • Brandi

        I’m not sure about the others, but for the Corseted Riding Outfit, the Khajiit’s feet/claws poke out of the boots.. lol.

    • sardith

      my khajiit wears glass, and looks completely fine

  • John

    What style is it I’ve seen people wearing it has some type of writing on the side of it, I’ve been looking for months but am unable to find out the style or if it’s an item that’s only obtained by doing certain things.

    • Marissa

      sounds like maybe Abah’s Watch, that has scrollwork type stuff on the side?

  • Mookanana

    help, i am going insane, I saw someone wearing a chest piece which has a trench coat, and many big pouches lining the belt (like ammo pouches) I can’t find this style anywhere! anyone have any idea what I am talking about???

    • MK Arctan

      My best guess is the mercenary light robe. It doesn’t really have big pouches though like you describe.

      • Mookanana

        i found out what it was thanks to a very helpful player in eso itself i asked. It is the Breton Hero Costume that was available a few months back, woooo thank god i was going nuts

  • Suan

    Anyone can tell me what is the name of costume/armor [set or mix]? The black one, first from the right.

    • its low tier breton style.. well the chest and hands at least, not sure about the boots and never seen those shoulders or that belt

    • Exiled Messenger

      It’s much easier to use the comparison pages for determining different armor sets than this one. You can find them on the menu bar under Comparison. For example, here is the Tier 1 Light Armor page.

    • bree

      the two on the left are argonian style and the one on the far right is also argoinian, the medium and light versions, i have gotten my clothing skill up just so i can make those ones

    • Cronos

      I would like to know which style is third from left… the green one

  • Sera

    Can anyone tell me what this style is? Thank you! Tumira is wearing it in Reapers March (Quest giver for the holiday event)

  • Locke
  • Darth Haze

    Is there a craftable Dark Seducer set?

  • Дарт Вейдер
    • Eisotopius

      Helm and shoulders are Valkyn Skoria, chest is Ancient Elf light. Belt is some kind of Breton. The rest isn’t visible enough to tell.

  • LOLlol

    Mostly different but none of them worth all the effort really.I guess they need to hire new designers.

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